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Government shut down what's going on?

I'm a tiny bit confused over what's going on. So what's happening? What impact this is on American people? What things are the main points of the... Show More

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  • It's just one off the little games politicians play. Not to worry. Go back to sleep.

    • LOL.

    • ; - )

    • "here's so more family guy america...dont worry ;)"

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  • LOL. there's a thing called a newspaper that reports a shutdown didn't happen, maybe you should try looking at one sometime.

    • My dad takes the paper every morning plus with school, softball then homework after school no time for picking up newspapers or even watching tvs news

  • same old political bs scare tactics...

  • Stupidity is the main point of it all, but it's been averted, so, no worries.

  • LOL, I think they came to an agreement lasting a week. You want me to check for you? ;)

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