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How do I get my ex to stop harassing me?

So, back in October I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 months, he didn't take the breakup well. I was feeling really pressured and insecure and he... Show More

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  • I have had the exact same issue, only difference was I was with my ex for 5 years! And to complicate it more I have a 3 year old son to him! My ex had me feeling to point where I felt I couldn't go out, I couldn't move on, I had to live for him and his rules, but after alt of struggle and a lot of problems, eventually I just gave up and set into severe depression! Okay so I'm not making this about me but my point is, changing your number won't help, moving house won't help, and whatever else won't help, screaming at him, getting other people involved won't help. What does help is proving to him that, 1 you do not need him 2 you ARE going to move on and 3 what he says , does and thinks, has no effect on you as you ARE NOT with him, there for it is not your problem. It will take a while but persistence and perseverance will make this better, just don't give in to his patty calls, his sympathy wanting or anything else he may throw at you, including self harm if it comes to that ring the police and have him committed for help as he may need it,. No man can control your life... So stay strong and just remember if people in my situation after 5 years can do it, you defiantly can after 7 months... Hope this helps... And best of luck :)

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  • For now change your number and keep a distances from him. He may care but he is very immature for not understanding and giving you the space you so obviously deserve since he bombarded you with the marriage proposal. My advice is to delete your email account (since he has it probably), change your number and home number, deactivate your Facebook. If he is a gentlemen, he should learn to give you a large amount of space.

  • for now don't worry about it but if it got real bad then just get a restraining order but as for now just enjoy the single life but if you were to get into another relationship then when you get with whatever guy that is then maybe he will back off because he won't wanna get beat up by your new boyfriend for messing with you because every girl I get with I protect them with my life if they mean that much to me and whatever guy would bug her they would back off because they would know that I'm not someone they wanna mess with and I make sure every other guy knows that I'm the dominant one not them so then from there the girl is always out of harms way

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  • change your number.. talk to his parents about his behavior. this really is not healthy for him or u, it's been so long since you guy broke up.. he seriously is getting obsessive. and tell him that you are OFFICIALLY not together anymore and that he needs to seriously move on.

  • Warn him that if he doesn't back off you will file a restraining order against him. Trust me, you want to cut this short before it gets worse.

    Here's a sample of what you can say to him:

    "Stop texting me and contacting me. I am not interested in talking to you".

    You have to say in a way that there is no doubt left as to what YOU want which is to get him off your back.

  • Block his number, or change your number. But until then, I would recommend not responding to any of his messages. If you've told him to leave you alone and he continues to contact you and bother you, he can be charged with criminal harassment.

  • From experience change your number! Was in the same boat as you and this guy still tries to contact me through fb now and again. I think he's even with someone else! If he ever shows up to your haome or work call the police. Being hurt is one thing, but there is a fine line between mixed up emotions and stalking. Best of luck to you!

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