How do I get my ex to stop harassing me?

So, back in October I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 months, he didn't take the breakup well. I was feeling really pressured and insecure and he asked me to marry him, which I'm to young for marriage. So I broke up with him and now its may and he keeps texting me and saying "hey baby I love you" and if I don't respond he keeps texting until he starts cursing me out. I've had all my friends tell him to back off but he wont, I even got my mom into it. What do I do to make him go away for good?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I have had the exact same issue, only difference was I was with my ex for 5 years! And to complicate it more I have a 3 year old son to him! My ex had me feeling to point where I felt I couldn't go out, I couldn't move on, I had to live for him and his rules, but after alt of struggle and a lot of problems, eventually I just gave up and set into severe depression! Okay so I'm not making this about me but my point is, changing your number won't help, moving house won't help, and whatever else won't help, screaming at him, getting other people involved won't help. What does help is proving to him that, 1 you do not need him 2 you ARE going to move on and 3 what he says , does and thinks, has no effect on you as you ARE NOT with him, there for it is not your problem. It will take a while but persistence and perseverance will make this better, just don't give in to his patty calls, his sympathy wanting or anything else he may throw at you, including self harm if it comes to that ring the police and have him committed for help as he may need it,. No man can control your life... So stay strong and just remember if people in my situation after 5 years can do it, you defiantly can after 7 months... Hope this helps... And best of luck :)