What are 3 good things and 3 bad things about yourself?

Do you know yourself well enough to point out your good and bad qualities?

For me, My good qualities are:

1. I'm very compassionate and help whenever possible

2. I am very responsible and always think logically

3. I am a woman of my word

My bad qualities are:

1. I am very fickle

2. Stubborn and impatient

3. Extremely self-righteous

How about you? What qualities define you as a person?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You sound like a very honest, rooted kind of solid girl. And don't worry, your fickleness and stubbornness would cancel each other out, right? So you're left with just being a self-righteous, compassionate pain in the arse ;)

    Bad things first, then, eh? I can be ruthless and quite unforgiving. People who get on my bad side very, very rarely leave it, on many levels I interpret "unworthiness" as propensity, not happenstance(way too big words, I'm too tired to be typing like this). Secondly, I can be cynical, borderline nihilistic - there's no point or purpose, no great romantic ideals, no good and evil, only a goal to try and increase the average world happiness. Lastly, I can be very insensitive when it comes to sentimentality. If we're working on something, and someone gets emotional or distracted, I get a little bit provoked that they can't stay rational.

    My good sides, then. I get things done, under which I count stubborn as a swarm of horseflies. I am patient and reflective, I see everything from every angle I can, and do my best to truly understand the issues I deal with. For my third, I'm tired of listing mental qualities, so I pick my last good quality as "able to shoulder press 100 lbs with one arm".