Are men attracted to a woman's perfume?

I am just wondering if men are attracted to the smell of a woman's perfume and if they think about when your smell lingers in a room.

Do any of you like the tropical smell? I like to wear just a bit of coconut body spray.


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  • No. Generally when a girl wears enough that her perfume stays in the air when she's gone, I find it more an affront to my sense of smell and I'm grossed out by it.

    Now I do LOVE the way my girlfriend smells. Not that she wears perfume, but she has a specific scent that I have to get real close to smell.

    • Thank, I know what you are talking about...that fresh scent of the body like after a shower. =)

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  • I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell... Perfume gives me headaches... If it lingers, I am annoyed. I don't like all of that scented crap, no offense... I had an ex that always wore vanilla lotion... I had a headache every time I was around her.

    • Thanks for responding...I did not mean a lot of perfume...I was more thinking about a soft suddle smell. =)

    • Even a small amout would be irritating to me... I don't even wear cologne or anything scented myself... Last time I wore men's scented anything, I had a massive headache and nose-bleed...

      It can be just a little... It would give me a headache.

  • two sides,

    1. yes, I had a girlfriend who wore a certain perfume, and some time later I smelled it on another girl who I was hooking up with and it immediately reminded me of my ex. smell really is the strongest sense tied to memory.

    2. I have waited a long time to tell a girl this, maybe its just me, but I don't find perfume, painted nails etc. the least bit attractive.

    • Thanks for is nice to know. =)

  • Not really.

  • it can make a woman more attractive.

  • im attracted to women not their perfume

    • Cute! that is good to you picture too.

    • I am pretty adorable

  • yea I love the smell of perfume on my girlfriend, it reminds me of her every time I smell it, she wears just the right amount.

  • not exactly..just few times in my life..

  • Occasionally


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  • Huh, don't listen to this lot - I've had compliments about my perfume a lot! Guys love our perfume!

    • Love your picture! =)

    • Hehe, thanks. Lovely isn't it. :)

  • good Q:)

    • i like candy perfume:)