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What's a good comeback when a guy calls you fat?

So far mine are you can fix being fat but you can't fix being ( a) ugly/bitch . And no really I'm fat :O Shocking. I'm not even that fat but I just... Show More

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What Guys Said 7

  • At least I don't have to pay to get laid.

  • agree with them. Be like I'm a piece of shi* and your awsome. I wish I could be like you.will you teach me to be cool like you because I'm such a peice of shi*t Lay it on thick and in the most sarcastic way possible. And if you don't like that make a scene about it and ask the person loudly why they need to point out your flaws.and another one I like is no shi* are you just now noticing

  • "You're a retard."

    "I don't care."

  • Yeah, but the difference between you and me is that people actually like me.

    • Haha Burn.

    • :)

  • something with 'micro-d***' in it

  • Here is your best answer

    "I am not sure why your being so mean to me after telling me your finally coming out of the closet, don't put your gay anger issues on me or your secret boyfriend"

  • the best comeback for being called fat, is simply not coming back. they are trolls trying to get you to overreact. I'm 22 and mature, your under 18 and not, so I figured ud do something like this

What Girls Said 10

  • " at least you can see me. But I got to grab a magnifier to locate your d***"

  • I like your comeback in the q the best, sorry I don have any other good ones. But the best comeback ever would be to lose all the weight and be smoking hot. When the guys who used to be mean to you take notice and want to go out with you, shoot them down and remind them that their personalities suck. Hope this helps!

  • Just tell them that calling you fat isn't gonna make their dick any bigger. Or say thanks i was trying to look like you

  • I got this off a movie called "Phat girls""

    P- Pretty

    H- Hot

    A- and

    T- thick

    "If you gotta clown somebody, just to feel good about yourselves then you must feel pretty damn ugly inside and if that's the case do me a favour stop hating, cause I'm plump like a roast and thicker than most"

  • tell him that his balls are fat

  • 'no sh*t, sherlock. come on, impress me with another dose of your profound intelligence'

    you need the right tone to pull ^that off :p

    good luck :)

  • This isn't really a comeback but I bet it would work. Ask them why their self esteem is so low that they have to put other people down to make themselves feel good.

  • Don't let him see it upset you.

    "Fat is a temporary caloric imbalance, but stupid is a permanent genetic malfunction!"

  • Your d***'s small

    You're broke/poor

    When's the last time you had a girlfriend?

    You wish you could have this "fat" ass

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