What's a good comeback when a guy calls you fat?

So far mine are you can fix being fat but you can't fix being ( a) ugly/bitch .

And no really I'm fat :O Shocking.

I'm not even that fat but I just need comebacks for bastards like this.


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  • 'I can lose weight, you can't lose the ugly'!

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      Win :)

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      Well I'm a guy and a lot of times when a guy is calling a girl something it's because he feels threatened.
      So what you need to do is say this to him in front of a lot of people or right to his face and it will get him to shut his hole.
      "Money can buy me a personal trainer, healthy foods, and things to help me lose weight. But for you nothing can help you from being an inbred little $&@?"

      This will probley get him to shut up or stun him. If it doesn't work spread some fake rumors about him. Like liking a girl he does't or even that he still picks his nose.
      Hope it works:)