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Why do guys sit with their legs wide open?

OK! Some guys sit with their legs open but others would be EXTREMELY wide open, why? My professor does that (I'm a research assistant at the... Show More

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  • Since our package is located outside of our bodies. If we had our legs closed it would be very painful. And since we are always on the go, we like to feel a little breeze in our junk so some guys what more breeze than others. Now your professor is either horny or drunk or both.

What Guys Said 18

  • Its comfortable and makes sure you don't accidentally go through a nutcracker situation when you readjust your seating position.

  • It's uncomfertable to sit with them crossed, to do that we need to readjust ourselves before we can even attempt that or its REALLY uncomfertable, its just not a natural position unless squishing your own balls is you're thing...

  • When you close your legs as a guy, you crush your balls and penis. It's uncomfortable as f***... hence the wide leg thing, because we're then not crushing our genitals.

  • I think the point is really girl sitting with legs wide shut closed because of the societal standards about sex. I think the natural way is sitting with legs open. I've just recently met a girl who does that and I was like "f*** what?" because to me it was like an invitation to dive into her p****. But see pics of gorillas in the wild, look how they keep their legs open, and their postures in general, just like humans'. it is indeed true that the posture may sometimes be accentuated, and that's to put the d*** in the limelight, inviting for sex, or telling you they want to shag. I've done it myself

  • Lol are you shy? Are you uneasy knowing he's letting his wang get some breathing room right in front of you even if it's concealed by clothing? I think we do it, because we honestly don't give a crap lol.

    • Why face me when you're doing that?

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    • Yeah, I was just kidding. Honestly though, don't take it too seriously, because he's probably not even thinking about it when he does it.

    • I'm not saying he's thinking about it but it just makes me uncomfortable. Thanks :)

  • Do you like what you see between those legs? :) If yes then that's the reason for better or worse.:)

    • lol no I don't

  • Warning: Long answer ahead (tl;dr I'd be surprised if it wasn't biological)
    I always see answers that point to "scrotum-squashing" or "asserting dominance as the alpha male", but I think anatomy is a more relevant source. I don't experience pain when I push my legs together, and I think pointing to subconscious conditioning is too hasty. What I did feel was my leg muscles getting too tired to justify sitting that way.

    There are so many differences between male and female pelvises that it's hard to believe there is no biological differences in hip adduction (force needed to push your legs together). I found it surprisingly difficult to find scientific information on this (it might have been easier if I studied medicine and knew exactly what scientists were talking about). Looking at diagrams, I think it could be some leverage issue with the male pelvis tapering more at the leg joints so the tendons pull the legs apart. It could also just be weaker or smaller adduction muscles in men just due to different geometry, i. e. it's easier for women to pull their legs together. Like all things in science, it's probably way more complicated than I think it is. If it is biological, it could be justified by the scrotum-cooling idea. Scottish men who wear kilts are known to have higher-than-average fertility rates, probably because their testes don't overheat. So differences could be sustained by sexual selection.

  • We do that because we need space far that... Stuff it just feels wrong to sit with legs at least a little closed

  • I can't speak for all guys but my nuts and dick get crushed by my leg if I don't.

  • Guys sit like that because the have junk preventing them from comfortable closing their legs lol. Extremely wide? It's probably because their used to it, I've never imagined it to be sexual.

  • Cause I want you to admire the sheer size of it. LOOK AT IT! O_O

    • Crazy you!

  • simply because our external genital organs are much larger than urs.lol

    • Thanks for the info! lol

    • u are welcome any time lol

  • Maybe it's just habit if they sit with them really wide open. Most guys sit with their legs open just because it's more comfortable, but not really with their legs doing the splits lol.

    • lol

  • The reason is because I don't want to squeeze my nuts together.

    • fair enough lol

    • That truly is the best answer, haha.

    • and of course for this very true reason as well!

  • It's comfortable i guess plus we wear pants

  • Because we aren't women--wearing skirts and dresses

  • it's comfortable - that is all. sometimes I cross my legs, but usally wide apart is natural for us.

What Girls Said 4

  • I also sit with my legs pretty wide open, it's comfortable for me :)

  • I sit with my legs wide open. lol. That's why I don't wear dresses or skirts, well that among other reasons. It's comfortable, feels natural etc. But I also do it as a little rebelling thing towards my dad. He made me attend these f***ing etiquette classes when I was a kid, and one of the things we covered was how to sit properly. Because I'm a "lady", I have to sit properly and primly like I have a f***ing steel rod rammed up my ass and spine.

    The reason why guys do it though is pretty obvious. They have a penis and testicles between their legs. Also, it is scientifically proven that the wider a males legs are apart, the more dominant his personality and the larger his penis. Because I sit with my legs wide open my friends always crack a joke that I have a one-hundred foot long penis. Impressive, eh?

    • Very! lol Thanks! :)

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    • Scientifically proven, huh? Where did you get that information? Let me guess.. It wasn't a verified source right? If it was, please share because I'd love to see the study.

    • Caseydylan, I saw this study many years ago. I don't remember where I read it but I will try to find it for you.

  • lol, I am notorious for "sitting like a guy" it is just comfortable.

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