How to hint you like someone?

hey guys, so I'm just wondering, if I like someone, what are some subtle things I can do to give him the message without seeming desperate?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Here are some of most noticeable cues that guys can actually pick up.

    1. Give Attention. Let him know how much he means to you by being respectful and acknowledging his presence. A lot of girls think that playing "hard to get" means ignoring him and treating him like a stranger. The truth is, guys hate that and it rarely ever works.

    -Here's how to give him proper attention: If the two of you are having a conversation, ignore your friends and texts until you're done. Don't let other people interrupt and divert your attention, especially other guys. When he sees that you prioritize him over other obligations in your life, you are bound for a great relationship.

    2. Be Direct. Don't send disguised "love notes" or wear certain clothes trying to imply something. Chances are, whatever clever maneuver you try to pull will fly above our heads.

    -Here's how to be direct: If you are trying to ask him out on a date, don't try to entice him by saying "everyone else is going to be there!" That doesn't make him feel special in any way, and he definitely won't recognize that you like him. To be direct, keep it simple and to the point. "Hey, let's get some Starbucks!" or "I'm hungry, know any good places to eat?" I know this isn't subtle, but when it comes to letting guys know how you feel, subtle won't cut it. Hopefully this helps!