Do guys really care about a flabby tummy?

I've lost 50 lbs since graduating high school, but I still have some tummy flab that is as stubborn as jury duty, I work out everyday, & I am in shape, it's just that one area that I believe can be helped with surgery, but I was just wondering do guys really care? It's the one part of my body I'm so self conscious about..

I probably shouldn't have said flab, it's not like it hangs or it wobbles, it's just tummy fat that's there..but thanks for your honesty.


Most Helpful Guy

  • How much flab are we talking here? A little bit is nothing to worry about, but I don't really trust other people's idea of what "a little" means. Take a pic, post it up, and I'll tell you whether I think it's no big deal or something you need to work on.