Do guys really care about a flabby tummy?

I've lost 50 lbs since graduating high school, but I still have some tummy flab that is as stubborn as jury duty, I work out everyday, & I am in shape, it's just that one area that I believe can be helped with surgery, but I was just wondering do guys really care? It's the one part of my body I'm so self conscious about..

I probably shouldn't have said flab, it's not like it hangs or it wobbles, it's just tummy fat that's there..but thanks for your honesty.


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  • How much flab are we talking here? A little bit is nothing to worry about, but I don't really trust other people's idea of what "a little" means. Take a pic, post it up, and I'll tell you whether I think it's no big deal or something you need to work on.


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  • Damn I'm going to sound like a d*** but honestly yes. Guys will vary as to how subjective though. One might be grossed out and another one won't give a damn, it depends on how serious the excess skin is.

    • thanks for the honesty...I wouldn't call it excess skin, it's just a tummy that's there... :/ sorry I can't really describe's not like wobbly o anything it's just a pouch maybe..

    • Hm, well if its not excess skin then you can improve it without surgery. If its a pouch then that's not all that bad... without seeing it, it's tough to tell what I'm dealing with. But a pouch isn't bad is complimented with a good looking body.

  • I find that women tend to overestimate their flab. You're probably fine.

  • I am in th same boat as you. I have lost 100lbs over 5 years. I work out 5 days a week, p90x and p90x plus.

    My upper body is all muscular, my mid stomach has tone, but my lower is all flabby, no matter what I do!

  • It's hard to say not knowing how much flab. you're probably fine though.

    • So not flat, but some fat? I'm sure it's fine. Especially if you've lost 50lbs.

  • Congrats on losing the weight, it would not bother me. I am a little soft around the middle also.


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  • Congratulations on losing 50 lbs! That's definitely an accomplishment so good job on that!

    Honestly, continue working out, eating healthy and try doing some exercises to strengthen and tighten the core and you should be fine.

    If it does affect your self esteem then look into the surgery.

    Again, as others mentioned, it's probably not as big of a deal as you may think. If you do happen to enter a relationship, just mention to him that you've lost weight and your concerns