How are fat/less attractive girls getting with fine guys? are the guys taking advantage of low self esteem?

i've been seeing this pairing a lot lately. any reason as to why fine guys are starting to date girls that aren't that cute? I always thought a... Show More

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  • Ohhhh girl I know! It is like a trend lately, ugly fat girls and sexy guys. I assume it's just like they are easier targets because they will get with anyone, and they will have sex sooner than pretty classy girls.

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    • yea that's what I think too girl. either that or they must be paying their rent lol

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    • What about the men who aren't interested in casual sex and aren't looking for a woman who "drops it on a dime"? Seriously, you need to open your eyes.

    • Thanks for best answer! And ugly girls obviously drop it pretty quick, that's how they get bfs