How are fat/less attractive girls getting with fine guys? are the guys taking advantage of low self esteem?

i've been seeing this pairing a lot lately. any reason as to why fine guys are starting to date girls that aren't that cute? I always thought a really good looking guy could damn near get any girl he wanted so why would he date an ugly girl? well maybe not "ugly" as in hideous but he's a 10 and she's like a 4, he could do so much better so why is he with her?

you hear all the time that men are visual creatures. men even say it themselves. most guys want beautiful women and don't have much regard for unattractive why would a good looking guy date down? is it REALLY for personality or do you think these girls have low self esteem and feel lucky to date guys like this so they are doing really nasty sexual things or maybe giving him money (sugar mama)?

what is it? is it REALLY because of personality reasons or something more sinister?


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  • Ohhhh girl I know! It is like a trend lately, ugly fat girls and sexy guys. I assume it's just like they are easier targets because they will get with anyone, and they will have sex sooner than pretty classy girls.

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      yea that's what I think too girl. either that or they must be paying their rent lol

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      What about the men who aren't interested in casual sex and aren't looking for a woman who "drops it on a dime"? Seriously, you need to open your eyes.

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      Thanks for best answer! And ugly girls obviously drop it pretty quick, that's how they get bfs