Why is he staring at me?

So my friend and I are really close and hang out like all the time. I didn't really notice until someone pointed it out sometimes when we're hanging out he just looks over at me or kind of stares at me. So I was hanging out with him yesterday alone at his house cause his girlfriend is on vacation... Show More

So today we hung out and went to see fireworks he most def was more flirtatious then ever. he kept tickling me (which he's done before but did it A LOT today) then he commented on how I was wearing glasses and how good I look with them (I usually wear contacts) he was staring a bit and he kept mention how he loved me today (but said I love you so much best friend) then he started ranting on how I deserve a great guy and how he doesn't want to be with guys like the ones I've been dating.
continued: we most def were touching a lot he'd always poke me and I laid my head on his shoulder and he laid his head on my head until a mutual friend was like awwww you guys are snuggling and she started teasing. plus I most def saw him looking at my boobs a couple times and when I took off my top layer shirt cause it was hot and had only a tank top on I caught him staring and he got a little shy. Teasingly I said I was fat and he was like no you're NOT fat your perfect. ^_________^

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  • He most def likes you. :P

    Anyway you should really cut down on the flirting with him. It's not fair to his girlfriend.

    • Yeah in all honesty I try not to flirt with him because of his girlfriend and I really don't anymore it's more him and me. I try to treat him like any other friend but lately he's pushing the limits.

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    • >________< my bad... head on the shoulder is flirting... hm... maybe I need to reconsider how I'm acting then...

    • Yeah definitely. A lot of touching between a guy and a girl could be taken to be flirting, ESPECIALLY things like cuddling and resting heads on shoulders.