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Help with firefox, my youtube videos won't play! anyone know how to fix this?

i upgraded to flash player, I disabled the acceleration hardware checkbox thing and deleted cookies on firefox but youtube still won't play anything,... Show More

i reinstalled flash player by adobe and reported the problem to adblock plus as well and I turned my laptop on today and its working again magically! so weird...may be it was a problem with their servers!
thank you everyone for helping!

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  • i have that problem too with my laptop but not with my desktop and I have no idea why. do you have the lastest version of FF?

    • yes!

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  • im having same problem

  • End the process 'Shockwave flash'? That's what does it for me.

  • just get google chrome and be done with it, trust me, you'll never go back to firefox. It uses extensions like firefox (adblock etc) but it's very simplistic, not tons of dropdown menus and useless bars and stuff, just what you need to surf the web, and it's by far the fastest web browser there is, and that's not opinion that's a fact.

    • really? I didn't know chrome uses adblock I have it but never use it because its so slow and firefox is faster for me but ill try with the adblock thank u

    • yeah, and if the video doesn't load, pause adblock and refresh the page.

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  • I think you have to add an "S" to the end of h.t.t.p. (it won't let me post links unless I'm a level 4 so just remove the dots.) Try it.

  • have no idea

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