Hatred of women? Why?

All my life I have been afraid to approach women. Now however I have noticed a change in myself. Instead of mumbling, stuttering, and looking away from girls, I am looking down on them. I seem to have lost my inability to talk to them and replaced it with hatred. One example is when I was working... Show More

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  • -Your hatred of women comes from the way women in your family treated you, stop putting all women in the same category as the women of your family. I know you understand that not all women wish to be treated like they are "dumber than a box of rocks". And if your family members treated you this way, then they were so wrong to do so. Even though they may not feel like owning up to the crappy things they did to you. You should break the cycle and decide that you will not treat females like crap. Forgive them for what they have done, because now you have a hatred of women and a fear of women. Pinpoint those things that p*ss you off about your mom or any other female who has wronged you, and think about how their actions influence your views on women. Write those things down and tell your therapist every detail. It might be embarassing to tell your therapist, but he or she can't laugh at you or call you a punk...They are paid good money to listen to worst problems. Or talk to somebody that you don't know, like a counselor. Get that pain off of your chest to start healing.

    - You should not be getting into a relationship any time soon with a girl just to prove to anyone that you are not gay. That's because you need to work on being the person you know you should be. Stop thinking about women in a negative perspective; try to say something nice or positive to one girl each week: Like "I like your shoes" or "Your hair is cute" or "Hi"

    -Some women are manipulative, unfaithful, uptight, deceptive, evil, and gossipy. But not all of them. You shouldn't be afraid of talking to women, just because they may say somethings that are hurtful. Push out those negative thoughts and only think about positives.

    -Avoiding contact with women, makes it seem like you feel that women are inferior to you. Women and men are equals in the United States, so why should you feel threatened? Your opinions are just as valuable as mine are, so don't be afraid to speak your mind to women, nicely and politely...

    -The fact that you want a relationship even if its sexless is awesome.

    -If you live with your toxic family members still, I would consider moving out quickly.