Why do guys love video games so much?

So, I guess the title says it all. Why do guys snap out when they are playing, to the point of ignoring their girlfriend?


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  • imagine your doing your favorite activity. Or you worked allll day and you wanted to watch a new episode of your favorite show. And your boyfriend wanted to talk to you about somthing you found boreing. R you gonna talk to your guy now or finish your show and then talk to him. You shouldn't expect someone to drop what they are doing just to focus on u. Whether its a game or anything else.


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  • Men were hunters of thousands of years. They want to spend time overcoming challenges in order to to get achievements. In a day and age you can get anything you need from stores, we seek are challenges in a digital environment.

  • Pong. Now that was a game. They sure don't make 'em like that anymore.

    I don't really play videogames anymore. But I waste enough time on the internet to more than make up for it.

  • I don't do it to the point that I ignore girlfriends, but I do thoroughly enjoy playing video games.

  • It's easier to turn on a game.

    • Maybe for you.

    • Yes, I suppose your inflatable girl is rather easy to turn on as well :)

  • Hmm, guys are more visual. We like sports, guns, competition, action, etc. Though when given the choice I'd rather play with her than an Xbox.

  • it's an escape for us .

    After a hard day .

    It's nice to be able do "drive" a Pagani Zonda or to kill someone with a sniper.

    but this should not be done to the point of "ignoring their girlfriend"

  • It provides boys with the opportunity to experience something that is impossible in real life. They can become space cowboys, deadly assassins, super soldiers, or mass carjackers and all it takes is to pop in a disc and press buttons. I say boys, because men don't play videogames..they tend to their women :)

  • Because unlike a girl, you can actually turn the sound OFF on a video game ;)

    • I am such a disgrace to my gender, this actually made me laugh when I should be all offended :/

    • I tend to be sarcastic in my answers...it was supposed to make you laugh

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  • It's really annoying for someone to distract you in the middle of a good game.

  • Because video games are fun. Have you ever actually played any?

    • Obviously, but not to the point they do. I would never stick with it for hours.

    • Maybe you just haven't been playing the right games. :P

  • Because video games are fun & addicting.

    If you're really craving his attention, I suggest you start walking around naked.

    He'll drop the game soon enough.

  • it's escapism or a way to wind down from their day, everyone does it it's just that different people find different types of escapism enjoyable. For instance I would not enjoy playing Halo for 5 hours a day 7 days a week but I would enjoy laying around and watching TV for that long or reading if I'm really into a book. I could play angry birds for 2 hours a day easy lol and shopping I could do that for 8 hours straight no problem on a Saturday. I know there is an issue with mostly boys/men having video game addictions and to me that's more than just winding down time.