Is woman's intuition always right?

Do you think guys are so direct and up front with their actions that if you haven't been getting that nagging feeling that a guy is interested in you - he most probably isn't?

If your woman's intuition isn't kicking in due to the messaging, staring and other obvious behaviors - then are you most likely not the object of a mans interest? Are their guys who are even more conservative with their emotions and successfully hide them and kinda throw intuition for a loop? Basically if your not thinking "damn he's into me" - he isn't into you?


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  • I'm a big fan of a couple of your movies.

    • She's amazing isn't she?

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  • i think the majority of the time woman's intuition is right but I also think that us girls (if we really really like someone) try to disect every little thing so that we find a tiny little shred of evidence that he's into us, when really he's just being nice.

    • If your not doing a crap ton of dissection?

    • well then yeah I think we're right like 9 times out of 10 :)