Why do guys never seem to initiate conversation?

So this happens with a lot of guys I talk to. I seem to have to initiate the conversation. However when I do initiate the conversation they do seem to talk. For example, I have to initiate conversation with this guy I am kind of being set up. He added me on Facebook, initiated chat then went and added me on msn. However, I have to initiate talking on MSN. Yet, he does appear flirty and friendly and does talk as he did when he initiated contact on Facebook chat.

So I am confused as to why guys don't appear to initiate conversation? I just feel like a pest if I have to initiate it all the time :L also, a guy I spoke to said that he's online because he wants to talk but if people don't he assumes they don't want to talk to him...


Most Helpful Guy

  • I figure if someone wants to talk to me, they will. I wouldn't want to annoy someone who doesn't want to talk to me, so I wait for people to message me first. That's just online, though, it's a lot easier to brush someone off in person, so I'm not too worried about that.