Girls what does all this kisses mean? Kiss on the forehead? Kiss on the cheek? Kiss on the neck?

kiss on the forehead?

kiss on the cheek?

kiss on the neck?

and other kiss what do they mean in your own words?


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  • Kiss on forehead - Usually I'll only do this when we're deep in the relationship and just changing things up. So just "i love you" I guess.

    Kiss on Cheek - Not much. I'd kiss a lot of my guy friends on the cheek, if they wouldn't misconstrue it into me liking them. But I do have to have a strong enough relationship with them to do this. Sometimes it'll mean "I like you." but it's pretty vague..

    Kiss on Neck - This is more like lust..or "i want you".


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  • Depends on the girl but to me they would mean:

    Forehead - I want to comfort you

    Check - I like you

    Neck - I want you

  • Forehead: Caring. Like you're mom checking your temperature? This person wants to take care of you.

    Cheek: One of the following: (1) You're sweet (or did something sweet); (2) a gesture of greeting/parting in some cultures; (3) foreplay prequel to kissing mouth, ear, jawline, or neck.

    Neck/Mouth/Chin: Foreplay.

    Below the neck: Please refer to any number of books on the topic. It's too much to post on GAG.

  • when you kiss smone...u feel like your one with hem...a kiss is smth more...its not only a lip's touching...if you know what I mean...when you kiss smone you have to feel it...and feel the magic...theres always smth magic with anything you do with your love...when he kisses your lips...ur neck...ur cheek...ur forehead...Just live the moment you spend with year love...and feel the magic...cuz if you think that the kisses you give to each other mean nuthing...then don't do it...cuz kissing with year love is smth more than you think...its a way to show year love to year guy...and if you really love year guy...shhow it to hem...with the most passionate kiss you have ever give...and then you will show hem how much you love hem...and you will understand that kissing smth more than lip's touching...its magic!

  • A kiss on the top of the head: I want to protect you from any harm.

    A kiss on the forhead: I am proud that you are mine.

    A kiss on the cheek: Thank you/ We are good friends and I want to be more.

    A kiss on the neck: I want you NOW.

    A kiss on the lips: I love you.

    A kiss on the hand: You are beautiful.

  • forhead = I respect you and love you

    cheek = I'm shy so I dint wana kiss you on the lips first

    neck = he wants to... ya. get it? yuk.

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  • wow this actually suprised me especially about the cheek I always heared that meant just friends. everything I seen on here indicated friends as well. not long a go I was with my one friend we were all drinking and she kissed her girlefriends around the forehead but gave me kiss on the cheek.

    thanks for asking this mate definitlly helpful