How do shy girls act when they know a guy likes them?

I give this girls hints all the time. I can see that she does try to start conversations but its hard for her. She smiles at me and once in awhile will give me just the smallest signs.

So I don't want to ask her out if this is not what she wants. I think I have made it clear that I like her, but I'm certain she is too shy to make any move.

How can I find out if she wants me to ask her out without making her uncomfortable. Or do I just forget her and move on?

Btw I do think she likes me, just a feeling.


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  • If she smiles and tries to start a conversation with you, then you are in! In fact, for a shy girl, she has done more than most women have the guts to do.

    She's gone as far as she can go- it's up to you to carry the ball over the goal line. Besides, one of the few advantages of being a guy is that you don't need to care about whether or not she wants you to ask her out. If you ask her out and she doesn't like it, let her sue you!

    But seriously, she's giving you every green light she can give- just go for it.

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      i have to the shy type but I did something I thought id never do I gave the guy my number before he me she giving you the green light