How to Spot A Nice Guy?

It's pretty much all in the title, how do you spot a nice guy?

What are the characteristics of a nice guy?

Are nice guys usually the quiet guys?

What goes through the mind of nice guys?

There's a boy I have a crush on, but we've never talked before. Every time I see him, he is helping out one of the neighbors, or fixing something. When I'm nearby he just gets super quiet, and keeps his head really low. He makes eye contact but can't hold it after a few seconds. I wish I knew if he was


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  • Well first of all I'm a nice guy and I have experienced that, I did the same with this girl who I had a crush on for 2 years, until one day I had to say something because I couldn't hold it anymore, I wanted to have a relationship with her, she was quiet, very beautiful and shy to talk to me as the way I was to her, but I gave up and went for it, and she said she felt I'n love from the first day she saw me :) and that was for 2 year we couldn't say anything, we were shy to talk to another.

    Answering your question, not all guys are like that, most but not all, yes, nice guys are usually quiet ones and they have strong love, they take love too far and be sereouse with love and not to play around it, they imagin being with that person I'n the future, how could they live and what to have and do, a nice guy is imaginative, and againg has strong romance, and does what's best to make his girl happy.

    Just like me :)

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      That was a good answer, thanks! :)