Can a Libra man be faithful?

I have read a lot of articles and a lot of stories on how libra men are charmers,and I am dating one and I know he is,but can they truly be faithful and stay with one woman.or do they just bounce and bounce like its said they do.and when they cry to you while saying don't go,is that true or is it a game or part of their charm.please guys your honest and NOT sarcastic answers will be appreciated.thank you


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  • Even if there is some truth to the whole zodiac thing, everybody still has differences. Even people of the same zodiac sign. It's not like there are twelve clear cut types of people out there. Every zodiac sign has people who are loyal and people who are cheaters. So even if Libras are more likely to cheat or bounce around than other zodiac signs, there would still be some loyal ones. So yes a Libra man can be faithful.

    But in any case, you shouldn't be judging your man based on his zodiac sign. Sure some people fit their sign, but there are plenty of people who don't. You should judge him on his actions, not on what some article says. As for the crying thing, again that depends on the guy, not his sign. If his heart is true and he really cares about you then yes he would mean it. But if he's only been playing a game all along then it's not. Again the only way to tell is from how he treats you. Does he treat you with respect and kindness? Or does he treat you like he doesn't care about your feelings and like you're easily replaceable?

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      thanks for best answer :)