Can a Libra man be faithful?

I have read a lot of articles and a lot of stories on how libra men are charmers,and I am dating one and I know he is,but can they truly be faithful and stay with one woman.or do they just bounce and bounce like its said they do.and when they cry to you while saying don't go,is that true or is it a game or part of their charm.please guys your honest and NOT sarcastic answers will be appreciated.thank you


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  • Even if there is some truth to the whole zodiac thing, everybody still has differences. Even people of the same zodiac sign. It's not like there are twelve clear cut types of people out there. Every zodiac sign has people who are loyal and people who are cheaters. So even if Libras are more likely to cheat or bounce around than other zodiac signs, there would still be some loyal ones. So yes a Libra man can be faithful.

    But in any case, you shouldn't be judging your man based on his zodiac sign. Sure some people fit their sign, but there are plenty of people who don't. You should judge him on his actions, not on what some article says. As for the crying thing, again that depends on the guy, not his sign. If his heart is true and he really cares about you then yes he would mean it. But if he's only been playing a game all along then it's not. Again the only way to tell is from how he treats you. Does he treat you with respect and kindness? Or does he treat you like he doesn't care about your feelings and like you're easily replaceable?

    • thanks for best answer :)

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  • I'll play along with the astrology, just because I've read into it out of curiosity. I don't find it to be realistic, but here goes :)

    Yes, we love to charm and be charmed. Yes, we love the ladies and the ladies love us. Yes, we are lovers of beauty and pleasure. Yes, we like amorous feelings and want to make others feel them.

    But yes, we can be faithful. One thing about us Libra's is that we value romantic relationships seemingly more than any other sign. We just like to flirt, charm, love, and have sex plain and simple. It's a fun feeling and we get excited when those lovey-dovey feelings come around. When we experience physical beauty, non-emotional/mental fun, or sex but without deeper feelings, then it becomes a fun time for us. If we experience a deep connection but no romance and some level of interdependency, then she becomes our best friend and maybe something like a flirt buddy to make her feel good (because charming people makes us feel accomplished, after all).

    What another star sign would say to their partner after sex: "Wow, that was great". To a Libra, it's flattering but there could be more. Change that to: "Wow, YOU are AMAZING!" Followed by a shower of kisses, then he won't be going anywhere anytime soon. You have to play into his ego a bit, and you also have to play into the romance game as well. Keep his eyes on you by firing back all of his romantic advances at you and let him know that he's loved by you, and he'll return the favor to you. Become a nagging wife, neglect any kind of intimacy (physical or otherwise), and basically let the flame die out--and his eyes will start wandering.

    How's that for someone who not only doesn't believe in astrology, but isn't a "professional" at all? :D

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      Thank you. I appreciate your advice because I just got into a romantic relationship with a libra man. Me being an Aries myself, well it may be quite the challenge. God bless...

  • Horoscopes are bullsh*t. Just going to tell you straight up. It is a psuedo science.

  • I could be. But I'm also a scorpio I was born oct 23 so sometimes I'm a libra and sometimes I'm a scorpio.

  • Yes. I am a Libra man and only cheated the once and that doesn't count because she doesn't know about it.

  • Those articles are full of shit. I'm a Libra far from a charmer in my opinion and loyal as fuck. To friends , family and especially my partner.

  • No, those born under certain celestial conditions are doomed to be cheaters against their will.

    • what exactly does that mean, and when or what are these celestial conditions

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    • well,i guess what it comes down it is all about taking chances,because maybe the reason why a person like me would try and look for answers another is because we never reallyu know someone truly ,i have never been cheated on and don't cheat but I have been let down in other ways,my reason to ask this specific was because of all that I have read.and we can spend 30 years with someone and never really know their true last or begining intensions .so its just taking a chance.

    • Well lesson to be learned is don't base your life on what you read, especially not on THIS site! I mean, it can be a pretty handy tool in theory, but in actuality it is always different. I know at times it helps to look for comfort in the most unlikely of places, but always remember in the jungle that is relationships, your intuition is often your best tool at hand.

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  • This is like asking a question such as "Can a blond man be faithful?" or a "chinese man?" It depends on the person. I am an Aquarius but the description of an Aquarian in love says we are "un-emotional" and "detached," and I am the most emotional person I know!

  • yes .. they can be faithful