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Is being clingy a turn off?

If your boyfriend/girlfriend or even best friend is too clingy and possessive, are you likely to get annoyed and maybe even stop seeing them?

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What Guys Said 1

  • For me I don't care about it too much, (my girlfriend is kinda a lot clingy), but sometimes it gets annoying considering I also need to work, go to school, and sometimes even my parents want to talk to me (like, otherwise they won't see me at all)

What Girls Said 7

  • definitely a turn off.

  • For me it is. I don't want my boyfriend/girlfriend hanging around me all the damn time.

  • My best friend's fiance calls her almost every hour from work because he gets bored. That sounds horrible to me, but she's fine with it. I think it just depends on the person and how much you like/love them.

  • Absolutely. I need my space.

  • um yeah. I love my boyfriend but I have a life outside him. I don't want him around 24/7

  • omg YESSSSS! I can't stand that. lol it's so annoying. I'm a very social girl. I have a very lively social life and sometimes I just like my alone time. It would get on my nerves plus it makes it come off as the person is either very insecure or just doesn't have a life sometimes. Like even if I wanted to be clingy, I don't have the time to be lol. major turn off! I've stopped talking to guys because of that before. I hate it

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