Is it possible to hurt the feelings of a person who has NO feelings for you?

I know it may be kind of a weird question, but is it possible? This girl and I got into an argument and now she told me she is hurt and keeps ignoring me and won't talk to me (its been 2 weeks). People think we like each other because of the way we are always talking and teasing each other but she made it clear that she has "no feelings, at all" not even as a friend. Can a person you don't care for make you feel bad for weeks? Never happened to me.


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  • I have the same problem. I think she likes you more than a friend (talking from a personal experience) ... sometimes people are too afraid of "embarrassment" and talking about their feelings because they think you donĀ“t feel the same and you would laugh at them.


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  • She likes you and has feelings for you, for what ever reason she is being guarded with you I guess, scared of rejection perhaps. If you like her then make amends and tell her you like her.

  • Just forget her.

  • yep. it totally is possible.

    • How come? I would guess no feelings towards a person = no feelings to get hurt? And for weeks?

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  • she might be unwilling to admit her true feelings for you without you showing yours first, we're expected to take initiative

    she may want everyone else to think she never had feelings for you that way she has a reason to be hurt without being hurt by someone she thinks doesn't have feelings for, if that makes any sense?

    and I'm sure you could get hurt by someone word's who you have no absolute feelings for, it all depends on what that person has said to you of course

    • Well, of course but I don't think it would affect me for days and days and not even talk to my friends. Now she is way too serious, I've never seen her like that

    • well she obviously likes you then