Does the dumper ever miss the dumpee?

Ladies, say you dump a guy for whatever reason.. Do you miss the good times you had with him ever? Or anything that he ever did nice for you? You've been dating a person or two since the break-up, and if that doesn't work for you, do you wish you had him back?


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  • yes, I just "dumped" someone and I miss him terribly. he couldn't commit, so it wasn't because I wanted to go out and party. if she gets lonely at some point, sure she might recall the relationship with you fondly. but I wouldn't hold my breath. and to the extent you want her back, DO NOT contact her...just live you life well.


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  • I just dumped someone too and have dumped guys before. I do miss my ex but I still love being single but I know for a fact that out of all my ex boyfriends, I miss the one that was best to me the most and at a point would have done anything to get him back (not the one I just dumped). Also, the fact that he wasn't available anymore or just don't interested in having a relationship made me attracted to him even more. Someday, if you were really good to her, she will want you back and you will have moved on just making her nothing but an old memory. Move on and have fun, you deserve better. :)

    Ps. She won't start missing you till a month at least. DONT contact her and show her you can live without her too. Having dumped someone 4 days ago and said we could be "just friends" I can't stand that he keeps calling me and reminding me he still loves me, I dumped him for a reason.

  • absolutly. I think that after the break up, the dumper and dumpee will both hurt. for me, even if the relationship wasn't that great, there will always be something that reminds me of something special that we shared

  • My boyfriend in high school dumped me, but then he missed me excessively until he finally did something about it three years later when it was too late.

  • of course. I mean just because you're not together with someone by your own choice, doesn't mean you forget all those feelings you use to have

    • Would you ever after some time want to go back?

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    • I'm doing better now with it, but it still sucks so bad. How old are you?

    • She is 23, I am just wondering if after she's done partying and sleeping with people if she will ever want to come back. I can't hold out hope any longer.

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  • When a girl dumps a guy she has already begun to move on. Many girls never miss the one they dump because they already have someone else that is "better" in line to fill the gaps that their ex "couldn't".

    • Ya that totally sucks.

    • I understand what you are saying, except I'm the one that dumped her. She was becoming better friends with another coworker and went out for a drink with him. She was suppose to meet me home 4 hours later but was drunk at the bar. When I called she was being obnoxious to me. I left her. There for I dumped her. I know she's been hanging with this guy and his friends since I left. She has asked me to come home and told me she loved me, but I think its all lies. Think she misses me?