Why are pretty girls always single?

It seems like the prettiest girls always have the most relationship problems? Why is this? Any thoughts?


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  • maybe because the guys that are interested in them are really shallow and are going for looks. The guys that care more about personalities and are better "boyfriend material" probably avoid the really "high profile" girls because they assume that they are shallow and hard to keep

    • thanks for the BA, QA :D

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  • I hate to say it, but I'm one of those guys who sees her and thinks "she is WAY to pretty to be single".

  • Probably because they go after the "pretty" guys who treat them like crap.

  • Seems to me like all the pretty girls are already taken.

  • They usually want attractive guys, but the attractive guys don't want a relationship because they know they can have sex with more than one woman.

  • I think its all the way around.

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What Girls Said 9

  • I've notice that too! Maybe they attract the wrong guys? Or maybe its there personality?

  • most of them are hard to please Or they have too many expectations Or they could just be too picky.

  • that's not true. I know plenty of attractive girls who are taken.

  • Because only a**holes ask them out.

  • even girls who aren't pretty have a hard time...an guys for tht matter too...wether tha guy is hot or not...i think any girl who thinks to much of themselves as you may seem to...idk tho you won't show yourself...i think guys tht are ready to have a girlfriend our life partner don't want drama an most girls who believe they are model pretty are exactly tht...an won't cook or clean or do all tha freaky things a not so pretty girl will do...hahahahahahahahahahaa...good luck tho...

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