City guys or country boys?

another curious question- which one do you prefer city guys or country boys?


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  • I'm from the country, and I love that country boys are often tough, self-sufficient, hard workers, and gentlemen. I just went out with my old friends from high school the other night, and as much as I offered to buy drinks for the group, they refused to let the women pay for anything. One of the guys picked up the dinner tab for 12 people so that the women didn't feel like they needed to pay anything. Even when I tried to get a drink for myself, they'd laugh like it was the most ridiculous thing in the world, and buy my drink for me. Nothing I said would change their mind. It was extremely flattering and made me feel respected and taken care of.

    As for city boys, I like that they seem sophisticated and tend to have a more open mind about things. They're not so judgmental and seem more intelligent as well.

    Tbh, I don't think I could choose, it would depend on the guy. But I hope to get a mix of their good qualities!


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  • Country boys. Hands down. I have dated both types and I have so much more in common with a country boy. I don't want a prissy type, if I wanted to date a pansy I'd date a chick. Can't get your hands dirty? Not my kinda man. A real man's hands tell a story of hard work and determination. I have yet to find a city boy who truly knows the value of hard work.

    • You sound just totally awesome.

    • Well thanks :) I'd like to think I am.

  • city guys

  • Since I've never lived in a city and the guy I like is more country, I'll say country boys. But I'd take either as long as they're genuinely sweet, caring people.

  • I'd rather a city boy

  • country boys all the way they work hard and play harder and are not afarid do get a little dirty ;) no disrepect to those city hotties though

  • It depends on the guy ...i don't really have a preference (:

  • Country men

  • country boy:)

  • country boys :P

  • I like city guys ! I mean if you really love to shop and you are a neat person then you should go for that type! But if you like trying new things and taking risks and getting dirty then you should go for country, but city guys are the best!

  • I like city boys but mostly because I'm a city girl.

  • city! they tend not to be as insane, or inbred...


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