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Do guys really like it when girls eat a lot?

I mean, I hear all the time that guys hate it when girls eat like just a salad or something and like it better when they eat more.. I mean, I'm... Show More

And I am pretty slender.. I'm not fat or anything and keep packing it on.. Waist is 26in. That's okay, right?

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  • Guys actually like it when I eat with zest. It shows an animalistic side and that I really love the food I'm eating. However not when it gets sloppy, then yes it is a bit gross and hard to clean up.You should be fine if you show that you do love your food and yourself that you are taking care of yourself. Guys get upset when girls try to sacrifice the joy of eating for the sake of what peers/media say about dieting. They also feel more relaxed eating a lot if the female is also eating well.Sometimes it makes them laugh because you can look so thin but eat so much, it's entertaining and a new experience for them to see. It's a great topic starter.

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  • Thats fine. were the same. Cheers for us girls!

  • can relate to this. I'm the type who eats a lot and friends who knew about my appetite would really tease me but I eat in mannerful way that wouldn't make me look gross or somethin. I maintain that level of carrying myself perfectly when I'm with a crowd and eating with them. lol

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