What do guys think about fake nails?

So a ton of girls get acrylic nails, and I have been thinking about getting some so that I don't get chips in the paint of a normal manicure. Do guys think they look trashy or classy?

And I'm not talking about super long ones, just relatively short ones with a french paint. Otherwise, I bite on my real nails and they are always short becuase I am a pianist


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  • Its looks good until it gets excessive


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  • I really hate them. But for the most part I'm also simply not attracted to the type of girls that use fake nails so it may be a bias opinion. I like trimmed nails with black nail polish

  • I am also a pianist but girls find my nails perfectly attractive just the way they are.


  • Really tacky. Yuck!

  • Disgusting bacteria traps.

  • I probably wouldn't even notice

  • I can't tell the difference. Then again, I don't really pay attention to a girls nails.

    • I am not even sure if most guys actually like long nails or not.

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  • You need to really look at how you use your hands to figure out if YOU will even like them.

    I had them for 3 days for prom and I hated them. I'm not a gentle person. I jam my hands all the time, I pick at things, and I'm not easy with them.

    I had a hard time opening doors, soda cans, grabbing my keys, everything. I was CONSTANTLY aware of my hands.

    You can go for "gelish" or "shelack" polish that tends to last longer than regular nail polish so that it lasts long and you get to keep a shorter length.

  • i think they look stupid.

    • @update: how the hell are you gonna play piano with fake nails? lmfao...

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    • i think that's her only choice...

    • hahahaha yea that is a good point...

  • If you don't get them filled or if you get a trashy design or if theyre too long then they look awful!

    It's all about moderation on something like your nails, avoid claws ;) ha ha good luck!

  • they look awful