I have leukemia. I hate myself I'm dying and I'm a mother

I had a baby when I was 14 and my little girl will be four in a few months and I have leukemia I'm getting weaker each day and I hate the thought I won't see my little girl grow up. I don't know how to cope with the fact that I'm dying and that my daughter will live without a mother for most of her life. I have always taken care of her and I love her so much. This pain in my heart is unbearable please help me

the asker of this question passed away last week, I'm her mother thank you for helping my daughter, I appreciate it


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  • I am so sorry. That has always been my biggest fear with my daughter. I wouldn't give up hope though and I have seen miracles. My friends daughter had leukemia when she was 4. The doctors told her parents that she had no chance to live. Then did chemo on her and she is 8 now and very healthy. If one doctor tells you that they can't help you then go to another and another until you find one who will help you. If I could give you my bone marrow then I would if it was a match. Just prey as much as you can and hope for a miracle. I believe that God has a special place for children who lose their parents. He will take care of her and watch over her together with you until you meet again. Try going to Cancer Treatments of America. I have heard of so many successful stories of people who went there and experienced miracles. Just don't give up and know that God is watching over you and your little girl. You can message me anytime if you want to talk. Take care.

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      my immune system is too weak. and I live in australia I'm scared for my daughter I don't want her to live without me

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      thank you so much for helping her, she was very fond of you , she told me to tell you sorry that she wasn't gonna make it, she thought of you as a good friend. ill keep using her account to talk to you if you like. little rosie doesn't understand where her mother has disapeared to yet , it hurts when she asks wheres mummy

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      Yes I would love to talk to you and I can only imagine what Rosie is going through because she was very close with her mother. I also know that Rosie love's you very much and that she in the good hand's. If you ever need anything or someone to talk to then please let me know. Take care