Guys, would you text a girl just to be nice?

I met this really cute guy a couple of times. We talked for a while and I felt this connection between us. Anyway, he handed out his business card at the event so I decided to text him. I was really straight forward and made it clear that I'm interested in him. We have been texting now for like two months but haven't gone on a date yet. He seems to be busy with his business and all and I'm studying so we haven't managed to find a day that works for both.

Lately, I felt like maybe he is just answering my texts to be nice to me? Because he would have gone out with me long time ago?

I stopped texting him because I don't want to seem desperate.

And after 10 days he contacted me and wanted to go out.

If he wasn't interested he would have came up with an stupid excuse or just ignore me?


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  • Not really. It would have to be someone I have some sort of attraction towards. Unless the girl was a good friend of mine and was funny then no not really. And that's good that he initiated something after 10 days. That means there is a good chance he has some interest in you.


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  • I wouldn't have a business card to hand out


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  • No. 2 months is a long time. he might be replying cause he's bored or enjoying the banter but if he hasn't made a date by now, he's just playing with you