Why do some people walk past you and pretend like they don't know you?

Why do some people walk past you and pretend like they don't know you?

...but they really DO know you.


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  • Guilty of this sometimes...aren't we all? Maybe you're in a rush or think they are...Maybe you've had unpleasant interactions in the past talking with that person and want to avoid that...maybe you are interested in that person but are worried it would be awkward or are too shy to take a chance in initiating the conversation...or possibly you only know them as an acquaintance and have nothing really to talk to them about...just a few possibilities!

    • Thanks for BA! =p

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  • Lol I do that sometimes and I have had people do that to me too! Sometimes I do it because I haven't seen that person in a long time and don't think they will remember me and it will be this whole awkward situation :S I would rather not go through that. But if they recognize me I will talk to them :)

    But it does come across rudely :S So I try not to do it! :P

  • cause they wish they DIDN'T know you

  • I have few people did this to me,mostly were my old friends,some were studying at the same school before.Im not sure why some people are like this but maybe they try to avoid talking with us for some reasons.

  • It could be a variety of reasons why they do.

    -Maybe they are in a hurry and don't feel like stopping to talk (even though they could just still acknowledge you and say hi)

    -Maybe they are the type that only think you are "cool" enough to talk to when other aquaintances are around

    -Maybe they are just rude and inconsiderate and are too selfish too care

    -Maybe you thought they did see you, but really they didn't

    -Maybe they were thinking the same thing and wondered why you didn't acknowledge them first

    I admit, I have done this a few times to people I have known. And honestly I did it because I either wasn't in the mood to talk at the time or because I wouldn't want to be in an awkward situation, especially if I didn't know the person all that well.

  • good Q!

    I'm asking myself too why people act like they don't know you but I have no idea why they act like that...

  • Oh...there are a lots of reasons, but it all boils down to the fact that they don't want to stop and chat right then. (maybe never, but the point is, they don't want to talk - ad least to the person they pretend they don't know-).

  • I don't get it! There was this girl in one of my classes who I talk to regularly, and she was walking in the middle of the hallway, and when she saw me she moved to the far right side and she looked away and didn't look back. I wondered if maybe she doesn't like me...


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  • I am going to assume you are not asking this metaphorically but quite literally.

    Well, I have been in similar situations (both, walking by and being walked by). They usually don't want awkward scenarios. In majority of the cases that's what it is. Also, sometimes when someone has a crush on you the person is nervous to say something stupid and make a joke out of himself (hence leaving a negative impression in your mind). This is true for the opposite gender of course.

    Otherwise, I have seen many people who do it to show a little attitude which they believe is healthy. They think having your own space and not being a doll Like girls ignore one another to make the other think they are not worthy of being greeted or even noticed for that matter. For guys, who are usually more down to earth in such cases, a few believe they don't know you that well (even if they actually do) to especially drop by and say hi just for the sake of it. Mostly such people would normally talk to you if it becomes necessary.

    For me, it's more of a friends thing to go up to people to greet them, wave, smile, say hello and keep walking etc. If people, whom you know not as much as your friends, stop by and give attention to you, they might as well give the same attention to everyone else. Which is kinda tough.

    Lastly, I simply walk past people who are either already talking to someone else, or simply not looking like they're in the mood to acknowledge my existence lol

    So you should make sure you don't come across that way. If it's a chick you might as well smile and observe her casually as she walks past you. That way, she's bound to respond in some way or the other.

    Hope this helped.

  • Because there a**holes.