Why do people hate stoners?

Ive seen stoners and potheads get hated on way more than people who drink 24/7, people who do coke, and people who do meth. Why do people hate on the green so much?


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  • The good thing about being a pothead is that we don't give a f*** if people have a problem with it or not ;)

    • F***in A. Personally I think they are jealous they cnt smoke down.

    • I think you're right! ;)

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  • Well I don't know about everyone else, but I love stoners. Its true that it is the least harmful drug of all being completely natural. I know many people who smoke on a regular occasion. I think as long as you're still up and about and living an active life a little weed isn't that bad. Its ironic because I would date a guy who smoked weed, and I smoke it myself occasionally and don't care at all, but I always somehow attract the straightedge guys who don't touch weed and think its horrible. Its only cause they've never tried it.

  • It may have something to do with them being much more vocal about there drug of choice then other people. I've never heard someone come up to me and say "oh my god I just did 5 lines" you know what I mean? Not that I give a f*** if people smoke lol that's their thing.

    • My school has people who talk about getting coked out lol

    • Oh... well I hope they have fun in jail lol. I don't care if a friend of mine has an addiction as long as they keep it the heck away from me.

  • I hate them all equally. (:

    • This is why women have always been inferior. They are anonymously bitchy.

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    • I f*ucking hate drug use with a passion. I've lost the brothers I care so much for. And what do they do to return my sisterly feelings? They beat me up, look down on me, hate me. For what? I don't even know. Drugs use ruins people. I don't care what any pothead has to say to that. What, pot isn't that bad? F*ck yes it is. Just as bad as the other drugs. I'm anon because of the pain I went through.

    • Ive never seen this around people I'm with. I am truly sorry for what you have been through, but sone people can't help themselves or they would have :(

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  • There's people who hate stoners, p*rn stars, politicians, hitler, mother teresa, al gore, monkeys cats, dogs, gays, asians, tennis, soccer, food eaters, mexicans, pots, coke heads, bikers, football, pillow fights, cartoons, text messaging, and stupid question on GAG.

    You only notice it more because you are one (egocentric). Who cares?

  • I've never had a problem with stoners, only the ones that were preachy. I'm sure you know the kind..."Quit judging me, weed isn't like alcohol. It doesn't do this, this, and this..."

    Those types need to hit the joint again because they're too wrapped up in things.

  • because most of them are also lazy, unhealthy, ignorant bums who have very low mental capacity.

    • Then why give a f*** about what they do? Your a bum for all I know and I could not care less.

    • see, they are also angry and have no manners.