If a pretty girl is awkward?

What do you think if you meet a girl and she's kinda quiet and its awkward but she's very pretty?


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  • Then she's just awkward. It is a little interesting to see a pretty girl having that happen because you'd expect she has had enough attention in her life to be used to talking to people. But yeah, otherwise I just think that she's a shy person.


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  • Sounds like she's my type of girl. I love quiet girls because its fun to get them to talk and open up, and most of the time they have a great personality that will surprise me. :)

  • I love quiet girls I an a quiet guy so that is perfect

  • It depends on what you mean by awkward. If you mean shy, I think it's adorable

    • awkward as in you try to make conversation and her answers are one word or there's that awkward silence...

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    • what if she was friendly but there was stil the awkward silence.. why would you feel bad? for her or would you feel she wasn't interested kinda bad?

    • Well, I think one word answers and whatnot would be OK as long as she was smiling. But I'd feel bad for myself because I would feel she didn't like me.

  • Jackpot!

  • Try to talk to her and break her out of her shell. Once you get to know someone you usually find that they are not like that around people they are comfortable with.

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