Why are so many women liberal?

If they had their way, get rid of the rich, get rid of the homeless, every person in the world would have just enough to get by.

Great, so now you've taken away the very Thing(s) that you like in men.


You NEVER hear a man go... Gee... I wish ALL women were ugly.

Sure not (all) men have ambition that's linked to money.

BUT ill wager that the 1% in that aren't, will eventually get bored.

And ill bet that the guy who has the ambition to build 10 foot castles out of toilet paper isn't very attractive.

Sure not ALL women are attracted to men who have money. But most of them are.


And Even more won't date a man with ZERO ambition.

SO don't you want a world full of men who have zero ambition?

Isn't that HOT!?


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  • Indoctrinated by feminism/socialism, they'll realize all too late they got more than they bargained for. I can hear it now..."Where have all the good men gone?!"...haha.

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      "If you're not a liberal by 20, you don't have a heart, if you're still a liberal at 30, you don't have a brain."

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      While experience can be a source of evidence/information, there are many instances in which your personal, subjective experiences shouldn't carry as much as objective evidence.

      Using whether or not people's ideals become more conservative or more liberal as they age is a good example. Perhaps your personal experience is that people become more conservative as they age and that experience is based on yourself and the people immediately around you. But that doesn't mean that those people are

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      representative of the entire population. A well-carried out study that corrects for societal changes over time is going to give you a lot more information.