Do guys find shy girls annoying?

I met my crush the other day, he really tried to talk to me but I got to shy and wasn't so talkative. he even complimented my on my bike for like 5 or six times. that's flirting right,? I kept looking down a little too much and now I feel like I lost my chance with him to let him know that I am a nice girl. he is single but is contacting his ex again. I have had a crush on him like for ever and I don't know how to get his attention anymore...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Shy girls are cute but it's hard to hold a "one sided" conversation. I use to be shy but not so much any more so I know what your going through. Guys can talk to their EX without considering dating them but if you're worried you can try to meet him and force try to start small talk. Ask him about his self and if he asks you things just breath solely and respond at your own shy pace. As long as he knows your shy that will make you even cuter because he'll understand you're trying.

    best of luck to you.