Why do some women call themselves Goddesses, Princesses and Queens?

I've seen this on Myspace, Facebook and various other social sites where the girl will call herself "GoddessCathy" or "Princess-Lil-Keyonda" or "QueenSandra". You don't see guys doing this, you don't ever see screen names like "God-Kevin" you know. Okay, okay, you might see a few... Show More

Not really scoffing at this, I'm just wondering if anyone had any theories on this. If you think about it, adding God before a male name just sounds weird, but seeing Goddess and Princess before a female name is kinda commonplace nowadays and doesn't seem as weird. Why is that? And is it an ego thing? Or is it just like a "trend"...kinda like how Guidos fist pump at nightclubs.

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  • I think guys are a bit more sly about their screen names than girls lol. Instead of "God-______" some would use Zeus, spartans (I think that trend is over) or whatever. Basically, I think guys do it too lol. It's just not as flamboyant as Princess____ or Godess_____.

    • oh and my favorite... instead of spelling master correctly, it's "masta"

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    • See, now you're just making everyone jealous.

    • I'm greater than Little Wayne and not ugly like him either