Why do some women call themselves Goddesses, Princesses and Queens?

I've seen this on Myspace, Facebook and various other social sites where the girl will call herself "GoddessCathy" or "Princess-Lil-Keyonda" or "QueenSandra".

You don't see guys doing this, you don't ever see screen names like "God-Kevin" you know. Okay, okay, you might see a few "Prince-Somethings" here and there but you rarely see "God" or "Master".

I mean even on this site, coughing*..LondonPrincess..coughing*..

Coughing*...excuse me, sorry, winter seasons coming up so..

Not really scoffing at this, I'm just wondering if anyone had any theories on this. If you think about it, adding God before a male name just sounds weird, but seeing Goddess and Princess before a female name is kinda commonplace nowadays and doesn't seem as weird. Why is that? And is it an ego thing? Or is it just like a "trend"...kinda like how Guidos fist pump at nightclubs.


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  • I think guys are a bit more sly about their screen names than girls lol. Instead of "God-______" some would use Zeus, spartans (I think that trend is over) or whatever. Basically, I think guys do it too lol. It's just not as flamboyant as Princess____ or Godess_____.

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      oh and my favorite... instead of spelling master correctly, it's "masta"

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      See, now you're just making everyone jealous.

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      I'm greater than Little Wayne and not ugly like him either