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Why do some women call themselves Goddesses, Princesses and Queens?

I've seen this on Myspace, Facebook and various other social sites where the girl will call herself "GoddessCathy" or "Princess-Lil-Keyonda" or... Show More

Not really scoffing at this, I'm just wondering if anyone had any theories on this. If you think about it, adding God before a male name just sounds weird, but seeing Goddess and Princess before a female name is kinda commonplace nowadays and doesn't seem as weird. Why is that? And is it an ego thing? Or is it just like a "trend"...kinda like how Guidos fist pump at nightclubs.

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  • I think guys are a bit more sly about their screen names than girls lol. Instead of "God-______" some would use Zeus, spartans (I think that trend is over) or whatever. Basically, I think guys do it too lol. It's just not as flamboyant as Princess____ or Godess_____.

    • oh and my favorite... instead of spelling master correctly, it's "masta"

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    • See, now you're just making everyone jealous.

    • I'm greater than Little Wayne and not ugly like him either

What Girls Said 11

  • Egotistical trash talk! people do it all the time

  • ^My username means empress so I'm one of those women you're talking about. Why did I choose that? Because it represents me well.

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    • I am Emperor GuyAdviceFromGuy and you are my concubine imperatriz

    • You can't be emperor unless I name you emperor!

  • Eh, I've seen plenty of guys use "King". A few masters, too, but they are mostly either guys into BDSM, or Jedi knights.

  • Personally, I chose to add 'Queen' to my username because I adore reading/writing fantasy and historical novels and because I needed to add something, fairly memorable, to my name to make it unique. Also, what girl doesn't want to be treated like a goddess/princess/queen at least once in their life? And I do know a guy who likes to use 'emperor' in their username, and a few who add things like 'isthebest' or 'isawesome' to the end of their names.

  • Queen Megan of Meganaria =)

  • Because I really am a princess.

    • 4 downvoters have sour grapes and no sense of humour

    • yeah. lol

  • to seem confident,really they're either hiding their low self-esteem or just have massive egos

  • I think it's just a trend. I do see a lot of "Sir" (so and so) or "Lord" (so and so)... It's better than names like "10inchd***" or "Mr.LicksALot" that you see guys using! LOL...

    • LMAO, well I guess he's advertising himself well.

  • Either insecure or ridiculously egocentric or they're just sheep following the crowd instead of being original. True goddesses don't have to advertise themselves; people just know it.

    • be careful what you're saying. londonprincess is your boss. don't make her mad!

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    • you don't care? lol that's why you're anonymous. if you didn't care what gag people think, you wouldn't post anonymously. epic fail coward girl...

    • I'm not a coward girl just because I'm posting under anonymous lol I'm posting under anonymous because I know some people won't like what I have to say and I don't want to be blocked and deprived of the activity of a question just because some people don't like this answer. You don't know everything believe it or not :) I said I don't care what LONDONPRINCESS thinks, not GAG people as a whole. Why are you butting into my business in the first place anyways...?

  • true its kind of cliche and outdated now...i used princess when I was in 6th grade obviously I've grown out of it

What Guys Said 5

  • Because they're completely f***ing daft. Goddess that is. I don't have a problem with Princess or Queen, it's more mundane and down to earth. Try not to take it too seriously at any rate.

  • "Guido fist pump!" Hahahaha! That's precious!

    I am not racist! One of my beast friend is a guido! Am I digging my own grave here?

    Seriously, I am a Canadian and I am not even white so the guido thing is irrelevant for me. But still, it was funny...

    I do see the trend that you are pointing out. In my limited wisdom I think it is the result of the so called princess syndrome.

  • people juswant to be aded like GODS... that's all, and since nobody is going to give them that title, they will just call them themselves that... it's stupid but it's used to impress people...

  • Massive, overinflated egos, I guess.

  • This will probably be deleted lol. be forewarned.

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