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Why is it that men don't like redheads?

All the redhead friends I have are gorgeous. They aren't "gingers" (not that there's anything wrong with those women), but they have... Show More

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  • If she's beautiful/gorgeous/ attractive to me then I will chase after her regardless of if she's blonde,brunette,redhead, slim, average, big, tall , short, white,black , Hispanic, asian...i think you get the picture.

    if she has the list of attributes you described and there is chemistry, A relationship is bound to happen eventually.

What Guys Said 15

  • Long red hair really intrgiues me, but of course I'm part Irish so that might be expected.

    Where on earth did you get the idea men don't like them? All the guys I know adore them.

  • I have no problems with them.

  • Not me, I always kinda had a thing for redheads.

  • Some redheads are absolutely beautiful. I don't mind redheads.

  • I love them, they are my favorite

  • Some redheads are sexy!

  • i love redheads

  • You cannot generalize that, men don't like redheads. you will even see some questions where brunettes and blondes are asking the same thing.

    Me, I like girls with all kinds of heads including redheads except the heads without Cerebrum :-)

  • What are you talking about? Redheads are the hottest. For e.g Gia Genevieve and Christina Hendricks.

  • I love redheads. This is news to me that guys don't like them.

  • dont know I guess its just prefrence... I would def date a redhead, nothing wrong with that.

  • I think saying me don't like redheads is a bit stereotyped. All men are different and have different opinions and I'm not sure of the logic behind those who don't like redheads. Me personally, I view redheads the same as I view any other girl and that an attraction to a girl should be based on more meaningful things than her hair color.

  • i love redheads,would actually love one for myself :0

  • LOL way to generalize...yet again..when will people learn?

What Girls Said 7

  • Lol maybe because you're around! No but serioulsy its all about the guys in the regions preference. In my area no one seems to like the tall dark haired guys but the avergae fairer haired dudes get all the love. Just location, location, location,

  • You will find that most guys on this site LOVE redheads.

  • I don't think guys really care about the hair color, like it's a plus, but a girl has to have a good combination to be liked...I'm naturally strawberry blond and now I have it a dark red, I've never had any problems with guys though?

  • I've never had that problem ;)

  • I hope guys like red head! Well at least my boyfriend. I was blond and just changed to a full blown red head tonight!

  • Because redheads are either attractive or unattractive there's like no gray area with hem.

    While most people on HERE rush to the defense of redheads, I think it's because of what I've said and the fact that they are sort of rare...I mean, natural ones that is.

    For instance, the guys on here atm are claiming to love redheads, but those dudes do the same damn thing when it comes to brunettes and blonds.

    Really it doesn't matter as long as the girl is attractive. But there are those people who won't date a brunette or a blond or a redhead.

  • what are you talking about? redheads are in

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