What do girls think of guys that get drunk and get into fights?

Good, bad? Don't care...? What if the guy you liked got plastered and started a fight?


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  • Depends on the guy - if he's a friend of mine it will be entertaining - a nice story to tell when he's sore and hung over :P If he's a random guy, I would just blame his recklessness on him being drunk. And if I run into him at some point in time after that, probably ask him how he's feeling and then converse / laugh about what happened.If he's a guy I don't like - probably would hope he gets his ass kicked. I'm a college girl who does drink and party a little bit, so I've delt with drunk people many times. You can't honestly hate or dislike the person for being in that state and acting beligerant - it's kind of a given.Now if he's sober and constantly picking fights, then I'd be annoyed and turned off. Or if he's always getting drunk and aggressive for the hell of it.

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  • Pissed off and would make me want to go on to the next guy.

  • Bad and immature.I would probably think he might hit me too one day if he unable to control himself.

  • I think they are immature.

  • Turn off. I'd be very embarrassed if I were with the guy that did this, and I'd imagine we wouldn't be together for very long afterward. A guy that fights to protect me or himself? Turn on. A guy that fights because he's a belligerent drunk with an ego problem? Red flag, run for the hills.

  • well as a college girl who doesn't drink very much and never gets drunk, I would say that's a definite turn-off. so bad. if I had never met him before I wouldn't want to get to know him.

  • Very bad. I wouldn't like somebody who did that.

  • I would think LOSER.

    • exactly I agree with you and what I don't understand if it's what immatures do then why do some girls and some women hate nice guys and good guys who don't fight but date someone who fights a lot thinking it's so sexy then bam she crys to who uh the nice guy/good guy who she reject us for him so far it's looks like all nice guys and good guys finish last is true

    • Fighting is NOT what guys do. Fighting is what immature people do.

    • i know and some reason some girls pick losers like that then bam he is in jail for bar fights anyway if you don't mind please answer this link for me and if you don't mind please this as well link thanks

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