What do girls think of guys that get drunk and get into fights?

Good, bad? Don't care...? What if the guy you liked got plastered and started a fight?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on the guy - if he's a friend of mine it will be entertaining - a nice story to tell when he's sore and hung over :P

    If he's a random guy, I would just blame his recklessness on him being drunk. And if I run into him at some point in time after that, probably ask him how he's feeling and then converse / laugh about what happened.

    If he's a guy I don't like - probably would hope he gets his ass kicked.

    I'm a college girl who does drink and party a little bit, so I've delt with drunk people many times. You can't honestly hate or dislike the person for being in that state and acting beligerant - it's kind of a given.

    Now if he's sober and constantly picking fights, then I'd be annoyed and turned off. Or if he's always getting drunk and aggressive for the hell of it.