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Why do girls cross their arms when they take their shirts off?

The left hand grabs the lower right side, the right hand grabs the lower left side and then they pull the shirts off over their heads. When I and... Show More

I have tried the cross-arm method before myself and it feels awkward, that's why I asked, lol.

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  • ... 3 basic reasons why I do it...

    #1 When the shirt is stretchy and you try to pull from the bottom front without crossing your arms, the shirt will catch on your chest if you've got a lot up top.

    #2 Pulling your shirt from the back will allow the collar to brush up against the back of your head, thereby messing up your hair if it is quite long (i.e. past your shoulders)

    #3 Turning your shirt inside out, which happens to occur when crossing your arms and pulling your top off in the front, is the best way to wash delicate clothing. Tops with beads or lace on the front should be protected from brushing up against other items in the washer, allowing it to last longer. Also, if you keep the shirt inside out in the dryer, the outside of the shirt won't be touching the hot metal drum, which is hotter than the air in the dryer. This saves the color from fading prematurely.

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  • U must have a lot of time in your hands. Just saying :D

  • crossed arms definitely works better. maybe has something to do with tighter clothing. I don't actually understand how pulling the collar up would really work, anyway.

  • Funny thing but why girls always make a "towel tower" on the head after shower and guys don't))

    • Most guys have much shorter hair and I suppose most of us see no need for a towel tower. Although my hair is getting to be pretty long and knowing how to wrap one of those if I'm feeling too lazy to use a hair dryer might come in real handy.

  • Never gave it much though really I've just always undressed that way. I suppose it's the boobs especailly when they are larger you have to life the shirt over them.

  • All of the answers below make sense, but it is also in attempt to not mess up our hair too much. Crossing my arms lets me sort of lift my shirt off around my head.

    • Makes sense.

  • I'm a girl, and I don't do the "crossing my arms " thing to whip off a top. It's so slutty!!

  • Weird, I've never noticed this before. Bigger boobs and tighter clothes makes sense. Where are all of our tight t-shirt men to speculate on this part?

    Women's arms are shorter than guys in proportion to our bodies, I've read. Also, pulling by the neck stretches the shirt out.

  • I don't think I cross my arms, I just grab my shirt at the bottom with one hand and pull it up and off. I HAVE noticed that guys pull their shirts off by the collar though. Entertaining observation, hah.

  • Idk. I always thought it was sexier

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  • LOL. More than one girl has mentioned that taking your shirt off "like a guy/man" (meaning, reaching around behind your head and pulling it off) turn them on in a big way. I don't think I'd ever given it any thought before that, but since then, I've noticed that it does get a reaction most of the time.

    But, I think the answer to your question has to be a combination of boobs and the fact that women's clothes are often form-fitting and not stretchy like a T-shirt, so pulling it over her head wouldn't work as well.

  • This is a very big generalization. I doubt every girl does it that way.

    Also, I grab the shirt from the bottom sometimes as well as the collar. I doubt it's a gender thing.

  • Really. Who cares? She's peeling. That's a good thing yes ?

    • it is. I was just curious

    • And that's OK. But the anonymous gal up the page there had it right. It IS sexier...my personal opinion...(LOL)

  • its just easier, I do the girl method because it works better for me and it dosnt strech my shirt

  • It's got to be the boobs. I remember seeing a video of a model named Julie Tawney where she tries to grab her bikini top and pull it up and realizes her boobs are way too big to do that. She laughs and then pulls the bottom of her bikini top up over her boobs and then pulls it up and off with a sort of "oh that's better" look on her face.

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