Hands between her legs?

This girl that sits next to me in class often crosses her legs with one hand in between them. Sometimes she'll even sit with her legs open and one hand is resting right over her crotch...is she doing this to keep her hands warm? lol


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  • Actually, it may be to keep her hands warm. I find myself doing that quite often because my hands are always cold, and the inner thighs are always pretty warm, so why not? Now, if it's there when she's sitting with her legs open, that may be out of habit, because she does that so often when her legs are crossed. And, she may even do it when her hands aren't cold just out of habit too.

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  • Its probably just a habit

  • lol I randomly started doing this a while back. I don't keep my hands on my crotch, but I stick 'em between my legs. I do it because I like the pressure and it's warm :x

  • HAHA, I do this sometimes. It's just comfy (:

  • Maybe it's just a habit. Maybe she doesn't even realize she's doing it

  • LOL... she know that you notice. Trust me she knows.

    • lol...so she's not doing it subconsciously? I never got the impression that she liked me since she never gives me any other sign.

    • I can only speak for myself and I do stuff like that sometimes acting like nothing when I actually do it only because I know his eyes will almost drop out of how hard he will stare. :)

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  • She has a habit of men noticing her doing this. She wants you to look but she's probably thinking you're thinking she's doing it in a sexual way...when she's really not