If a girl makes a "face" when a guy talks to her?

I have noticed that this girl makes these weird faces when I talk to her, kind of like "you are weird" or "stop talking to me" faces (lift her... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • If she's smiling at the same time then she's just joking. My friend does this same thing and I think it's like her flirting face. Does she giggle or smile while she tells you to stop bugging her?

    • She does, and its usually a wide smile (but I know some people smile when they are nervous). Other times she will be serious, but when I look away I can hear her giggling (or trying not to, but she is). SHe told me recently that this is the way she teases me and is playful with me, but I find it odd being playful by telling me I'm bugging her

    • Lol, yeah she's flirting. I've told guys to go away and leave me alone but I was just kidding. That would be mean if I was serious. Sometimes I'll gently hit guys or poke them, but not like hard or anything.