If a girl makes a "face" when a guy talks to her?

I have noticed that this girl makes these weird faces when I talk to her, kind of like "you are weird" or "stop talking to me" faces (lift her eyebrow, stare at me). A lot of times she will tell me I am bugging her and to stop talking. Today she did that and I told her "see that? when you make those faces it makes me think you don't want to talk to me" and she looked at me and said "oh yeah, this big smile is telling you I don't like it". Does that mean she really doesn't find me annoying? Why tell a guy you find him annoying when you really don't? Could she be using some weird kind of flirting? Thanks


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  • If she's smiling at the same time then she's just joking. My friend does this same thing and I think it's like her flirting face. Does she giggle or smile while she tells you to stop bugging her?

    • She does, and its usually a wide smile (but I know some people smile when they are nervous). Other times she will be serious, but when I look away I can hear her giggling (or trying not to, but she is). SHe told me recently that this is the way she teases me and is playful with me, but I find it odd being playful by telling me I'm bugging her

    • Lol, yeah she's flirting. I've told guys to go away and leave me alone but I was just kidding. That would be mean if I was serious. Sometimes I'll gently hit guys or poke them, but not like hard or anything.

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  • that sounds incredibly confusing, and quite funny to be honest. maybe she just has a weird face? or weird expressions that she can't control? don't look too much into it, sounds like she's enjoying the attention at least but if a girl tells you you're bugging her and to stop talking, chances are she's not that into you. my advice, leave her alone, she might just be using you to feel better about herself, if she likes you however, she'll come to you.

  • Usually, if a girl rases her eyebrow when you're talking to her, it's because she is trying to figure you out.

    Also, if she said that in a sarcastic tone, that means she does like it. If she sounds flat out, she really means she doesn't like it. She probably does not find you annoying, because if she did, she would give you one word answers when you talk to her. Girls sometimes call a guy annoying if she likes him and he doesn't get the hint. It is a way of playful flirting.

  • if she avoids you, if she smiles forcing herself, she`s not into you.

    • The smile isn't forced. When she told me that, she made her weird face at first and when I told her "that face tells me you don't want to talk to me" she started grinning and looked at me and said "yea, this smile tells you I don't like it" kind of in a sarcastic tone.

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  • This girl seems genuinely annoyed by you. She just can't tell you

    • If she would tell me, I would leave her alone. When I do stop talking she ends up telling me she was only teasing me but instead of stop the teasing, she will keep it up, so I don't know what to think.

    • Welll. She would never say you're bugging her or stop talkinng. Girls will NEVER say that to a boy they are interrested in

  • Ye she doesn't like you dude. It is fine. Don't stress there is always some people that will not like you. I find it is best to just move on asap. Like just tell your self, why waste time with her if you know tons of people that actually think you are cool/fun/interesting.

    • Its not a big deal. I mean, she does smile really big 90% of the time, but still she makes those weird expressions. I have noticed that she tends to give a better treatment to people with moronic tendencies, like today it kinda ticked me off when some other guy got a more cheerful greeting and when I asked her, she told me she is just teasing me and this is how she is playful with me but I take offense in being treated like an idiot.