Why do girls never give straight answers?

It's annoying how girls always say maybe when you ask them out. Why can't girls just give straight up yes or no answers to questions?


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  • Coz dude, girls have to consider a million things and think about it. Saying "maybe'' doesn't mean yes or no, so don't try interpreting it.

    Like, for example. If the guy I've been crushing on for 2 years asks me out, I'll say maybe and think about it and then answer. I won't be like, "Yes, Yes, YES!"

    Because first of all my parents don't approve of relationships... I need to consider that. Also, I need to think of the consequences. Will my friend, who likes him too, take offense? I might be spoiling a couple of friendships if I do that. And, will this change my reputation, will people look at me differently?

    So, you get it? This is just me. Most girls have a billion more reasons why they say maybe. You can't just give right out an answer you know. Atleast this is for me.. and all of the other girls I know.


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  • Perhaps in your experience girls have said maybe, but we do give straight answers. How many have said that by the way? A girl could say "maybe" for a few reasons, it really depends on how well you know her and what the situation was.

  • Maybe in my opinion means no, don't be sad, but no.

    The reasons girls never give straight answers

    1)They don't want to hurt the guy especially if they were friends first

    2)They don't want to be with you but want to keep that door open

    3)She truly does just want to play with you

    4)She is indecisive.

    Either way, if I was you, I would move on.

  • Maybe = nice way of saying no.

  • Maybe means no. Just for future reference I always said maybe when asked out even though I had no intention of being with any of them. If they actually like you they would say yes. Sorry.

    Just for a side note though, there are multiple reasons why a girl would turn a guy down so don't feel bad. They could be like me and have commitment issues or phobia. (Although men are more likely to have it.) So don't get down. Good luck man.

  • i get girls who do that to avoid hurting a guy or whatever... but when they do it to toy with them or string them along it's stupid...

    I give strait answers unless I'm goofing around lol but you know I'm kidding...

    And I think a maybe can go both ways, depends on the person and how they say it...xX

  • When we do say no, guys think we mean maybe so they try again later.. -_-"

    Most girls are emotionally unstable anyways.. So why bother?

    • This has got to be the most honest answer from a girl I have ever read, seen or heard!

  • to try to seem smart...ever see miss America pagents? "how do you help your communtiy?" "Ummm...well I uh...hire people to do work for me so I can devote my time to being beautiful and I love Africa and China and my mom.."

  • Here are some of my (possible) reasons:

    1) Most girls like to be chased (I do alot) so they say maybe because it could mean A LOT of different things so it makes the boy try harder! LOL

    2) She doesn't want to hurt your feelings so saying maybe could actually mean no.

    3) She just plain CRAZY! She wants to drive you up the wall and make you frustrated for fun! :D (Personally don't know a girl like this, but one of my ex bf's previous girlfriends were like this lol)


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  • If she liked you, she'd be saying yes, or if she couldn't make it, actively trying to arrange another time to get together.

    Her loss, don't look back.

  • Yes = yes, no = no and maybe = no.

  • Because all they want to do if f**k with our heads.

  • Because they are unstable and they need a man to dominate them and help them make decisions...

  • Becoz they have complicated brains and they take time to think .

    They think too much . They jump to all possible conclusions before anything happens .