Why do girls never give straight answers?

It's annoying how girls always say maybe when you ask them out. Why can't girls just give straight up yes or no answers to questions?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Coz dude, girls have to consider a million things and think about it. Saying "maybe'' doesn't mean yes or no, so don't try interpreting it.

    Like, for example. If the guy I've been crushing on for 2 years asks me out, I'll say maybe and think about it and then answer. I won't be like, "Yes, Yes, YES!"

    Because first of all my parents don't approve of relationships... I need to consider that. Also, I need to think of the consequences. Will my friend, who likes him too, take offense? I might be spoiling a couple of friendships if I do that. And, will this change my reputation, will people look at me differently?

    So, you get it? This is just me. Most girls have a billion more reasons why they say maybe. You can't just give right out an answer you know. Atleast this is for me.. and all of the other girls I know.