Why do women like to humiliate men?

Like for instance humiliate men in public, or say some pretty nasty stuff to men, as well they like to make them feel bad. Why do a lot of women do this? I have seen quiet often too...Why do women get from being really nasty with men?


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  • The real question should be "Why do women accept nasty behavior from women?"

    Also women can blame their nasty behavior on PMS. Ladies, having PMS doesn't mean you're allowed to be a bitch (this will probably get me down votes). What do women get out of being nasty to men? The sense of superiority and dominance?

    In women's defense, a lot of men humiliate women in public too. Over the entire history of humanity, I think men humiliated women a lot more.

    • so what is your answer? I am not sure if you are answering the question.

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    • i don't really see how your answer answers my question. Do you mean those women do it because they want to feel superior and dominant?

    • Duh, that's actually exactly what I said if you read my answer in it's entirety.

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  • I think men like to humiliate women too. PEOPLE who do this are trying to assert their dominance, it's like saying who wears the pants in this relationship type of deal. They are also doing it, because they actually have really low-self esteem and humiliating others make them feel better about their crappy selves. If a girl does this to you, she's not worth the trouble. You can't change people, you have to let them change themselves.

    • This is really too bad. There is this girl I like and I just don't understand why she humilliates me the way she does...i honestly haven't done anything bad to her, to deserve such a treatment.

    • Whatever issue she has just realize that it has nothing to do with you. If you think she's worth it, just tell her upfront: I feel like you are always trying to humiliate me and it's hurtful because I haven't done anything to you. If she continuously acts like that, then just tell her that you're done with her behavior and leave her miserable self alone.

  • I do this and I'll admit it. Women get humiliated by men almost daily (if my boyfriend is angry at his car he turns on ME!) and if I don't bite back and hold in my frustration towards him I'll go ballistic. It's hard to explain, I'm not saying it's okay or justifying it, because it's obviously a horrible thing, I'm just admitting that I do it.

    • why do you do it? What do you get from doing this?

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    • what do you feel from doing this?

    • Basically venting my rage.

  • I don't know, personally I try NOT to humiliate my boyfriend... I'd feel really bad if I did. For the women who do it though, it's probably for the same reason why a lot of guys are jerks to their girlfriends. They try to knock down their self-esteem so that they'd be too afraid they wouldn't find anybody else to leave them.

  • I don't.

  • We probably don't do it on propose maybe we think it was cute at the time..

    • cute? like what for instance.

  • absolutely not. I would never humiliate my husband, he is a wonderful man and I have no reason to do anything like that to him, especially in public. Whether we are in a fight or not, there are some things you just don't do. However, I know many women who do do this. I think they do it to feel a sense of power and control in the situation, and it's wrong.

    • So would you say she does it because she is a manipulative person? Like a control freak?

    • for a lot of women, I think it's part of their nature. She obviously feels inferior and wants everyone to think she is in control. it's very unfair and wrong to do.

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  • Robin Williams once said they (Americans) need a woman president because they would never make a weapon that would kill people. But they would make a weapon that would make you feel bad for a while.

    He also said there would never be any wars - just intense negotiations every 28 days.

  • I haven't experienced/noticed this.

  • What the f*** you talking about?

  • I have yet to see this.

  • i have seen things like that only in movies amigo