Why do women like to humiliate men?

Like for instance humiliate men in public, or say some pretty nasty stuff to men, as well they like to make them feel bad. Why do a lot of women do this? I have seen quiet often too...Why do women get from being really nasty with men?


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  • The real question should be "Why do women accept nasty behavior from women?"

    Also women can blame their nasty behavior on PMS. Ladies, having PMS doesn't mean you're allowed to be a bitch (this will probably get me down votes). What do women get out of being nasty to men? The sense of superiority and dominance?

    In women's defense, a lot of men humiliate women in public too. Over the entire history of humanity, I think men humiliated women a lot more.

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      so what is your answer? I am not sure if you are answering the question.

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      i don't really see how your answer answers my question. Do you mean those women do it because they want to feel superior and dominant?

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      Duh, that's actually exactly what I said if you read my answer in it's entirety.