Do guys ever miss their ex gf's?

i know it sounds stupid and I know that guys are humans just like us girls but my Q is.. Do guys miss their ex so much that they wanna get back to them or smthin? how much time will it takes for a guy to miss an ex?


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  • Mostly no, because I've programmed by brain to the think of the bad things she did so I could get over her quicker.

    Some guys do, but it's such a mistake to move into the past when it comes to that stuff. There's only heartache and "what could have been" junk attached. Don't need the grief. The only direction is forward.


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  • Yes. Depends on the relationship and the guy. Could be a day, a month, even a couple of years for some guys.

  • Yes I have been known to miss my exes. When we break up I want to get back together.

    How long before I miss them? Instantly.

    How long until I get over them?

    Once I find someone else.

    "I miss my ex - but my aim is getting better"

  • I miss ex girlfriend so much that it hurts

    • well me too and obviously my boyfriend .. :D

      so we got back together finally :D

      you know if you reallyy love her and still do maybe you should talk to her and give it another try :)

  • Yes I have missed my ex but my aim is getting better

    • so you never think of talking to her or trying to get her back?

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  • Well, it depends on how things ended between a certain couple. Personally, I don't miss my ex at all. Actually, I am happier without him. Guys aren't any different from us, you know. If the girl hurt the guy badly, he might miss her or might not but either way most probably he won't think about getting back with her. If they ended on good terms with no bitterness in the heart, they might think of getting back together if they want to.