What does it mean when a girl calls a guy "Love" in a txt?

We are not together but we are good friends. We both give each other hugs, we seem like we both get along good. She did break up with her boyfriend so she is single for now. But I know this that she calls me "love" casually in txts. For example, she will be like "Hey love", "I can't love", or "How you been love"! We also have pet nicknames that we call each other. I also call her "love" in text to see what she says but she seems like it doesn't bother her. So you guys/girls think she likes me and sees me as a future boyfriend?


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  • It doesn't mean much I do the same and so do my friends


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  • Doesn't mean anything, I tend to call all my friends "hon" or "love," boys and girls alike. Just a habit more than anything, and I have quite a few friends that do the same.

    • Not all girls are the same, but if anything, if I've ever been interested in a guy as more than a friend I've never called him "hon," "love," or anything like that.

    • I second this. In fact, me calling you "love" is more likely to mean that I am not interested than I am interested.

      By the way, I love your username! I just read that poem again this morning.

    • Thank you! It's my favorite poem. (:

  • depends on the girl.

    i only call my boyfriend that. love.

    but other girls can throw it around to anyone and it means nothing;

  • there's nothing in that that means she wants to get together with u... it's just an endearment.. like hun, sweety, babe, etc.. it doesn't really mean she's into you like that..

  • Ehhh. It's possible, but maybe not. I do the same thing with all my guy friends. I say "babe, love, Hun, boo boo". I just don't say it to their faces.

  • Well I tend to call people (both males&females) the following: honey, babydoll, princess, sweetheart, darling, sweetie, sweet pea, and that's about it. Just like ladyofshallot said- it's more of a habit than anything. But I don't call people "love".


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  • dosent mean anything rite now...but if you do like her your going to have to make some moves cause your heading to the friend zone unless you want to be her friend nothing wrong but if you do like her its best to act now