Things Guys Hate About Girls?

I saw a question that asked what girls hate about guys and saw that a lot of the girls had some F***ked up answers. So now I think that it's the guys' turns. I'll start.

I hate how critical girls are.

I hate how girls think that there are only double standards that work to our benefit.

I hate how girls almost always think the worst about men(i.e. he's gonna be home late therefor he's cheating.)

I hate how the get angry whenever the toilet seat is left up.(look down for a change)

I hate women who think that men shouldn't be cocky.

I REALLY hate women who force their men to open up and are disappointed when they don't hear what they expected.

Die-hard Feminists annoy the hell out of me as well

That's all that I can think of for now.

Another thing I hate about girls. One thing that girls in my school do that I hate is talk behind other girl's backs amongst their friends but they will say that guys are being a-holes when they talk about the same exact girl. I call that messed up.
O and by the way I don't think that all girls are like this.


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  • I hate girls who bitch about other girls behind their backs. Happens too often. Why those girls

    care so much about other girls and bitch about them and don't look at themselves - because

    bitchy ones often are messed up.

    Hate girls who get jealous about best friends and back stab other girlfriends making up some bullsh*t about them.

    Girls who stuck in the college toilet for ages to gossip or to do make up!

    Girls who play with guys feelings!

    That's why I like to have guys as friends, it's not so stressing!

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  • You know what, I hate how critical girls are too, but to be fair, there are a lot of us who aren't. But then again, there are a lot of guys who are critical too.

    Double standards suck no matter the sex. End of story

    I hate how girls think that it's a guys responsibility to take care of them.

    I hate how girls get offended if a guy is honest. At least he's not lying!

    I hate how girls force guys to go places they don't want to go. He doesn't want to shop with you and your mom and all your aunts. Give him $20 to spend on a game for his 360, tell him to have a great day and that he's yours when you are done. End of story.

    I hate how girls complain sooooooo much about the qualities she hates in the guys she is/or is trying to date. He doesn't like some of your qualities either princess, stop bitching (that's probably the number one quality he hates anyways...)

    I hate how girls try to side step things that they are ashamed of. If you've slept with 30 guys and you are still saying 5, STOP GETTING AROUND. Because apparently you're as appalled by your own actions as everyone else would be.

    I hate feminists too, so kudos for mentioning it.

    I hate how females think that they can just walk all over guys. That's what created the asshole in the first place. A guy can only take so much

    I hate when females try to monopolize their guys time. He needs time to miss you to appreciate you. Give him guy time... If he won't take it, this is the ONLY time a girl should make him do something... =)

    I hate when girls forget who their REAL friends are. Just because your new boy looks like he stepped out of a Holister magazine does NOT give you a right to forget your roommate, your high school best friend, or your upstairs (used to be so fun to hang out with until they realized you left them and so they stopped inviting you to parties) girlfriends. Have girl time! He isn't attached to your hip and the two of you can function (and breathe) without being together. Try it (this might be hard) but try!

    I hate stupid girls. Don't act like you know something on a subject... If you don't say so! I'm sure your guy will LOVE to explain something that he's interested in to you! But if you aren't interested, don't act like it... He doesn't like Barbie, and you don't like monster trucks. It's OKAY! But don't be a bitch about it either... Let him explain the basics so you understand his lingo!

    I hate dependent chics.

    I hate girls who can't cook and clean. Learn to care for yourself!

    I hate girls who don't have aspirations... Even if it's to own Tyra Banks wardrobe, you should want to do or be something! When you cease to evolve, you cease to LIVE!

    I hate boring chics.

    I hate unimaginative chics

    I hate close minded girls

    and even though I say "I hate girls" some of these apply (equally) to guys too... I'm not being crude or hard on women, I'm just saying... Tone some of these down! Quit talking about your best friend behind her back, and accept that life is beautiful...

  • lol

    i don't really hate guys unless they're ass holes and they're players. I guess that's about it. I'm pretty chill most of the time, very little bothers me...unless it's personal

  • I think both guys and girls are jaded about relationships and that is where this type of behavior steams from. Women are much more sensitive than men and tend to jump the gun about a lot of men's behavior. Women what men to open up because most of us only don't talk when there is a problem whereas with me it is the opposite. I think people in general end up like this because they can't let go of the past and embrace the present.

    • Um if this guy is like me he's probly lookin at ur pic instead of what you wrote cause ur really pretty :D. just puttin that out there.

  • It is a known fact that girls are competitive. Not that guys aren't either in the dating scene but girls will be sneaky and talk bad about another girl, get really jealous and overprotective of their man, want a better position in a job from another girl, etc. I think guys usually don't care unless something big sparked and made him mad over something. But yes, girls are ruthless to each other.

  • I hate girls drama.

    I hate fake ass females who smile in your face and talk about you behind your back.

    I hate the stuck up females who think that the world revolves around them.

    I hate weak females who depend on a man to do everything for them.

    I hate spoiled females who can't appreciate the things that they have when shit gets rough.

    I hate whore ass females who disrespect themselves at party's i.e attention whores.

    I'd rather be around a whole bunch of dudes but there is always that one skank that would get jealous of that and immediately think that your having sex with all of them, especially if the guy she likes is in that group.

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  • Well, for the most part the double standards DO work in favor of the girls, except for the fact that all the guys resent how the girls play both sides of the fence. The hard work is still mostly left for us guys, but God help us if the girls aren't given equal REWARDS...that's of course not fair, but nothing unfair about leaving most of the hard and dangerous work for us still..

  • I hate girls who have two Jello Pudding cups but don't share. I hate girls who refuse to drive. I hate girls who insist on speaking when they haven't been spoken to. I hate quiet girls. And I hate irony.

  • They lead you on then shut you down =\

  • das a good point too.

  • whew dem some pretty bold but honest statements man. ur smart to put anonymous lol. but I hate how some girls can just be so shallow and mean. I hate how some girls are just so mean and bitter and would get down a dirty to get info about someone and totally abuse that info. I hate how some girls lead guys on but then ignore them. I hate girls that don't think they ever hafta apologize to the guy, and that its always supposed to be his fault or he's wrong.

    i hope dis helps

    • Yea I kinda thought that anonymous would be a pretty good idea but I'm probably gonna catch some heat from the women anyways so w/e. Good answers though.

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    • Idk I wanna see what other people say. If I dnt get anything soon then yea I'll give you best answer.

    • Sweet thanks =D

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