Things Guys Hate About Girls?

I saw a question that asked what girls hate about guys and saw that a lot of the girls had some F***ked up answers. So now I think that it's the guys' turns. I'll start.

I hate how critical girls are.

I hate how girls think that there are only double standards that work to our benefit.

I hate how girls almost always think the worst about men(i.e. he's gonna be home late therefor he's cheating.)

I hate how the get angry whenever the toilet seat is left up.(look down for a change)

I hate women who think that men shouldn't be cocky.

I REALLY hate women who force their men to open up and are disappointed when they don't hear what they expected.

Die-hard Feminists annoy the hell out of me as well

That's all that I can think of for now.

Another thing I hate about girls. One thing that girls in my school do that I hate is talk behind other girl's backs amongst their friends but they will say that guys are being a-holes when they talk about the same exact girl. I call that messed up.
O and by the way I don't think that all girls are like this.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I hate girls who bitch about other girls behind their backs. Happens too often. Why those girls

    care so much about other girls and bitch about them and don't look at themselves - because

    bitchy ones often are messed up.

    Hate girls who get jealous about best friends and back stab other girlfriends making up some bullsh*t about them.

    Girls who stuck in the college toilet for ages to gossip or to do make up!

    Girls who play with guys feelings!

    That's why I like to have guys as friends, it's not so stressing!