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Why did she freak out?

A female friend that lives a few hours away invited me to to come and stay with her for a week. The first day everything was fine, but she ended up... Show More

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  • Wow a true gentleman, kudos to you for being a real man and not taking advantage of her. Trouble is, this is exactly what she wanted you to do. I promise. She might have even gotten drunk to give her the courage to do what she did. I would have had to do the same thing. Yes she prob feels like you don't like her. I think you could rectify the situation by calling, leaving a voice mail, or texting her with the message that you really want her ( I assume you do) and that you didn't want to take advantage o f the situation. Tell her youd rather you both be sober to be able to enjoy it more. If she doesn't respond then Id say she's def. not worrth your time. there are many girls out there that would die to have a man as honorable as you. :)

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  • Girls can be really emotional and sometimes without logic. I would send her a text message that says something like 'if you change your mind about me anytime soon; call me'. That way she can't be upset if at some point in the future you move on if she doesn't contact you. After you have sent that message don't contact her again unless she contacts you. If you want to wait a while for her to return contact, then do that. At some point if she doesn't contact you, move on. That would be my advice anyway. ^^

  • well she got into your bed because she wanted to...drunk or no drunk...this I can assure u. as to y she freaked out...there can be two reasons:

    a)she got embarrassed about what she did and she did not want to face u

    b)she thought something might happen..but when you didn't initiate it...she felt rejected and embarrassed.

    • hmm makes sense I guess, should I give her some time before I try contacting her?

    • yes...give it a week

  • Yeah, she probably does feel like you rejected her. That being said, she sounds like she's a bit over-sensitive, which may be a red flag. You wouldn't want a girl who flips out at you every time you don't say/do the exact "right thing", would you? But maybe she's not always like that, but just got really upset because she really likes you. You'd know which it is based on how well you know her. I'd say you should say "Sorry if I did anything to make you angry, but I didn't mean to. Please tell me why you're upset with me so we can work it out". Or something like that. If she can't respond to that and is never willing to get over how things went, then she's a nut, anyway and it's better you found out now.

  • first of all, I can't thank you enough for being a true man. wish there were more guys out there like you.
    then to answer your question, she's probably embarrassed about how she acted, or she actually does like you back and secretly wanted you to say yes in the moment even though she doesn't realize that might hurt even more.
    good luck with everything!

  • give her some time, at least you do the right thing. she could also be embarrassed by her actions.

  • yess that is probably why. give her some time to chill then try talking to her

  • I'm pretty sure that everything she has done hasn't been given much thought or care. She's impulsive and a bit of a tripper in my opinion.

    • I don't think you've done anything wrong. She should be apologising for her behavior , not punishing you. God, it's not even a big deal anyway, hardly worth deleting you over. I'd say the business of deleting you is to get your attention, and you're playing into it. She sounds selfish, immature, high-maintenance & a bit of a diva, and would most probably suck as a girlfriend.

  • Wow all I can say is the girl need to control her drinking, I think she thinks you took advantage of her. Cause I never heard a girl freaked out for thinking she had sex with a guy she invited over before. Or maybe she just feels dumb cause she knows she was drunk and don't remember what she did so she don't want to face you

    • I never had sex with her so it can't be that, plus she followed me to my room I didn't take advantage of her.

    • I said she might think so, I didn't say you did. If she was drunk enough she don't know what happened.

What Guys Said 12

  • She has made a choice respect it and leave her alone...she is in control!

  • She wanted you to take advantage of her. But since you didn't, she's taking it the wrong way as though you rejected her.

    It's happened to me too. Girls have wanted me to make the move and initiate sex, but I was oblivious to it. And after a few months of not stepping up, the girls gave up and stopped talking to me.

    This girl might not want a relationship with you - just casual sex with no strings attached. So, you can decide on what you want out of her. And see if she wants the same thing.

  • probably man... she probably got horny while drunk and try getting in bed with you so you could maybe initiate something on her. but seeing that you didn't even try kinda pissed her off

  • she's either angry or upset that you rejected her and then appeared off with her the next morning; or embarrased by how she behaved that night; or isn't interested in you now she thinks you're only offering friendship

  • Tell her how you feel, be honest about it. Tell her how hard it was to resist her but you didn't want to take advantage of the fact that she was drunk because you respect her. She obviously feels rejected and awkward about how to act around you right now. Communication is key.

    • I agree. This would probably be the best approach.

  • She is probably angry that you didn't take her right then and there. Try to talk with her and let her know that you really like her and would love to do anything with/to her. It was just that she was drunk and you felt kinda awkward about doing anything with her. Let her know that you just wanted to respect her. Hopefully she comes to and realizes that you are a good guy.

  • She's probably upset that you rejected her advantages. Just get over her as sh wants to break all contact with you as she deleted you from her life.

  • Maybe she's embarrassed of herself.

  • She might not remember what happened and think you took advantage of her. Give her some time and then send her a text or email explaining that nothing happened and you wouldn't take advantage of her if she's drunk. There must be a reason she flipped and it's probably just in her mind.

  • Hot/Cold running broads man... don't walk - run from them

  • it's better to stay away from women like these,trust me a women who can't respect a sensible guy like you doesn't deserve to be with you

  • You rejected her, bro. At least in her mind.

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