Why did she freak out?

A female friend that lives a few hours away invited me to to come and stay with her for a week. The first day everything was fine, but she ended up getting really drunk and then getting into my bed when I decided I was going to sleep, nothing happened though.

The next morning I never brought up what happened as I didn't see anything wrong with what happened. she then freaked out and asked me to leave, she's also blocked me on skype, windows live and removed me from Facebook.

So what caused her to hate me all of a sudden? Is she angry because she doesn't think I like her?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow a true gentleman, kudos to you for being a real man and not taking advantage of her. Trouble is, this is exactly what she wanted you to do. I promise. She might have even gotten drunk to give her the courage to do what she did. I would have had to do the same thing. Yes she prob feels like you don't like her. I think you could rectify the situation by calling, leaving a voice mail, or texting her with the message that you really want her ( I assume you do) and that you didn't want to take advantage o f the situation. Tell her youd rather you both be sober to be able to enjoy it more. If she doesn't respond then Id say she's def. not worrth your time. there are many girls out there that would die to have a man as honorable as you. :)