She suddenly stopped responding to my texts, but she's into me

Theres this girl I met at school which obviously is into me; she always says "hi" to me every time she sees me even if I'm far away, she notices me and waves. Also she's very friendly toward me and enjoys talking with me, seems to like talking with me more than other women I know. She also makes strong eye contact with me when we talk, it's like I can look into her soul and see that she totally wants me the way she does it. I got her number and we texted back and forth a little then I go on to ask her if she wants to get together for what is obviously a date. She said that she was unavailable during the days I was free but then after I got to that point in the texting, she suddenly stopped responding to me; she didn't respond to my last text after that. So I wait a couple of days and send a text, still no response. Then send another text the day after that, still no response. Been almost 2 weeks since she ignored the first text, its really looking like she's ignoring my text. I still have not hear back from her since that night.

What is going on here? She's obviously into me. The only thing I could see that I have done was asking her out because that preceded her spontaneous text avoiding behavior. But that makes no sense, being asked out should be what she is waiting for! I can't figure out what is going on. Why would she stop responding to my texts? does this mean she spontaneously lost interest in me in a matter of seconds after being asked out? please give me some insight


this spontaneous text avoiding behavior I'm seeing with this girl is something I have seen with other women I have got numbers from. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. It seems to be some kind of pattern. The girl will unambiguously be showing signs of interest, we will have a nice text conversations, but when I go on to ask her out on a date, that's when they spontaneously stop responding to my text. I can't come up with an explanation that makes sense. help!

The instance I discuss where she suddenly stops responding to my texts after being asked out is actually the second time I asked her out. I had actually asked her out once before, but she wasn't available on my schedule in that case..forgot to mention this.