Is she childish, insecure, or she isn't interested?

I met my friends sister that is two years older than me, I texted her and she told me that I am attractive to her and other stuff, but she stopped replying to me because I am too young for her and that I am her s friend of brother. After a week I met her on new years party and we were making up,... Show More

Sry for bad grammar people. :P

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  • No offense but your grammar makes no sense, I will try and decipher this as well as I can, I think that basically just because she finds you attractive does not mean she wants to date you, it is understandable with the age difference, if you are only like 18 and she's 20 it makes a lot of sense. I'm 20 and would not date younger.

    • lol sry for bad grammar I really suck at it :P

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    • Ah well that is my point, why she feels bad? I even told her that I will not feel ashamed or feel burdening by answer.

    • Anyway you tried you really can't know what she is thinking. Thanks for trying understanding my English and answering so you deserve to be best answer. :)