Looking at me?

Can a girl like a guy even if she has a boyfriend?

shell always look at me when I walk by her or when she walks by me and when she walked past me she took a second look shell stare at me and follow me with her eyes and my friend told me that sometimes shell smile after I walk by her and she looks at me and he said that when she's mad at she sees me she gets all happy and looks at me she also from what I'm told She is very outgoing and girly and loud when I'm not around and when I am shell get all quiet and shy she always looks at me its and before she hugs other guys she usually will look at me and when me and my friend were walking down the hall and she was with her boyfriend and she looked at me and started hugging him what should I do if she likes me this much I am a nice persona and I would not take her from him its just if they broke up it would be a different story and my friend said that I'm the only guy she looks at in the whole school other than her guy friends or the guys that approach her 2 ask out and she still looks at me more than them. I need really good advice please girls I'm not selfish and guys I'm not a ladies man looking 2 get lucky I'm cool and down 2 earth I treat everybody with respect.P.S she always looks at me everyday


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  • Just as boy's can be confusing so can girls. We tend to "attempt" to be the perfect girlfriend, but we have our flaws. Hers is you. Now don't take that the wrong way, it's just she has a crush on you, BUT she has a boyfriend. Maybe time will pass and she will get over you or she and her boyfriend might split and she will come out of her shell and flirt like crazy with you. To answer you question though, yes a girl can like a guy and have a boyfriend at the same time. I'm the same way I love my boyfriend, but every once in a while there will be a guy that catches my eye, I always let it pass because I'm happy with who I'm with now and if I ever cheated I would feel so guilty for the rest of my life. Another tip, if you really want to know pull her aside away from her friends and your friend that way you can ask her what's up and not have to worry about any lies or rumors being created on the spot because of people listening in. Then you will get the truth. Most importantly DO NOT LET HER CHEAT ON HER Boyfriend WITH YOU. If her boyfriend ever found out he would hate you, his friends would hate you, and you would be labeled.

    Hope this helps,

    Love Lynne

    • Im not looking 2 mow some guys grass she's just trying 2 make me jealous my friends even say she is she's showing me that shed go out with me its just I don't apprach her and those guys do.

    • Simple answer: talk to her!!!!!!

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  • The sad truth is girls do leave their bf's for someone else it's what teenage years are for. To me it sounds like she really thinks your cute. I left my old boyfriend for another guy I had a crush on and now I'm head over heels for him. For me I thought it was a good choice because my old relationship wasn't going anywhere and I fell out of love. Just don't be disappointed if she doesn't leave him for you.

  • well its def possible for a girl to like someone when they are in a relationship. Just because she has a boyfriend doesn't mean that she can't think ur a great person too. Id just continue being nice and if she was to break up with her boyfriend then ud have ur chance but don't try to interfere now it wouldn't b worth it

  • They definatley can.

    When I was with my ex. I liked another guy at the same time.

    • THANK YOU for being honest I apprieciate it

  • Yeah it can happen...you always want things yu can't have...

  • Yes, I've liked guys even when I had a bf. It happens you can't help your emotions but if she is a good girl she won't hook up with you, maybe just flirt if that

    • Thx for answering I appreciate your input and I haven't made any moves on her its just the guy she is with isn't nice looking at all do you think she did go out with him just 2 make me jealous it was only 3 days ago?

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  • Dude, not to be a jerk or a grammar Nazi, but please, please use periods. It makes your writting very unnactractive if you don't, and it's often (very) difficult to read.

    Anyway, on to the topic. Think of it this way, if she is flirtting with you, or has a crush on you when you are in a relationship, what would happen if she broke up with her current boyfriend and went with you? What they with you, is what they will also do to you. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if your girlfriend had a crush on someone, while you were supposingly dating.

    To me, that sounds all bad news. Especially if she's showing it, it just makes it worse. I can't say I blame someone for having a crush, or an attraction to someone else while in a relationship, that is somewhat natural. But as decent people our goal is to redirect that attraction back towards our significant other, and not ever show that to not hurt their feelings. Even if they aren't around.

  • yes

  • Do you like her? If you don't and don't want to mess up things with her boyfriend then just be eye candy for her.

  • i wouldn't show any interest in her even if she shows interest in you since if she is looking to cheat on her current boyfriend than she would be willing to do it to you

    please go give me your opinion on my last question

    • If she lkes me this much and she supposedly like me for 3 months now from what my friends say.And they always say shell look at me I realize she has a boyfriend but she obviously doesn't want him as much as she does me,and this isn't her first time liking me she's had a lot of boyfriends and she's always been lookng at me when I walk by holding her look smiling when I go by her I've always been respectful 2 her boyfriends I think she just gos out with them becuz they approach her.

  • yes they can, in fact I reccomend they do, especially in young age, of 17 18 19 etc... we really should be tied down in huge long relationships at this age, because, you really should be more "playing the field" more than anything else

  • girls can definitely like other guys even if she's in a relationship

    • Thx man I appreciate your answer how do I act like I'm not interested if she's so interested in me and I know she really likes me its just hard not 2 like her she really really likes me and when I see her just get a boyfriend 2 make me jealous it bugs me a lot because shell always look at me even when she's with him she even looked at me while they were sitting on a bench I ignored her though

    • Just keep ignoring her. don't look at her or talk to her as often. when she talks to you look away and not into her eyes. I mean don't avoid her like the plague but just kinda try to block her out in your vision

  • Yes they do. I am not a girl but a very similar thing has happened to me. There is a girl at my school and I felt this gut feeling that she was attracted. Then the next day she passes me in the hall and checks me out twice. I talk to her and all the signs are there she likes me, and this girl is really gorgeous too so I can't help liking her (at least what I want to do is screw around with her a bit) I told her I was attracted to her and then she said she didn't know what I wanted her to do and has a boyfriend. She even has a ring he gave her for Valentines that she looks at a lot when talking to me or looking at me and then looking at her ring as sort of a reminder she is taken. I think she has the major hots for me but she won't go break up with her boyfriend because that is a sure thing and with me, would just be a fling. I would never allow her to cheat either because of my own morals and values. I have too much respect for myself to do that. Although if they did break up, I would want to go out because I felt something for the girl.

    Other girls also stare at me and I find they have a boyfriend. If you know how, you should be able to get them to go out with you despite that. I don't really know how, but women are always interested in me wherever I go, boyfriend or not. IF they didn't say they had a boyfriend then I found out later, I would be upset though.

  • wtf you pussy. Maybe you should kick it with her outside of school. What's the big deal about taking another guys girl if she likes you better. PS how many times you gunna say she looks at you.

  • okay you know what my honest opinion, you are an asshole for even liking a girl whos with another guy. and the fact that she's flirting with you, means ur probably flirting back, which again makes you an asshole. in my book this guy has every right to kick your ass, so stop liking this girl and stop flirting with her, and even if your not planning to steal her from him your waiting for them to break up which makes you an asshole

    so liking the girl, stop caring that she likes you possibly, and find someone else

    • Lol yo I know ur taking the high road here but damn. We are men and sometimes we got to take what we want. This guys not even talking to her really, he's just realizing another girl is attracted to him. There are a lot BIGGER assholes who abuse their girlfriends/wives, rape...lah di dah... You have your own opinion but no I don't believe this guy to be an asshole.