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Can a girl like a guy even if she has a boyfriend?

shell always look at me when I walk by her or when she walks by me and when she walked past me she took a second look shell stare at me and follow me with her eyes and my friend told me that sometimes shell smile after I walk by her and she looks at me and he said that when she's mad at she sees me she gets all happy and looks at me she also from what I'm told She is very outgoing and girly and loud when I'm not around and when I am shell get all quiet and shy she always looks at me its and before she hugs other guys she usually will look at me and when me and my friend were walking down the hall and she was with her boyfriend and she looked at me and started hugging him what should I do if she likes me this much I am a nice persona and I would not take her from him its just if they broke up it would be a different story and my friend said that I'm the only guy she looks at in the whole school other than her guy friends or the guys that approach her 2 ask out and she still looks at me more than them. I need really good advice please girls I'm not selfish and guys I'm not a ladies man looking 2 get lucky I'm cool and down 2 earth I treat everybody with respect.P.S she always looks at me everyday


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  • Just as boy's can be confusing so can girls. We tend to "attempt" to be the perfect girlfriend, but we have our flaws. Hers is you. Now don't take that the wrong way, it's just she has a crush on you, BUT she has a boyfriend. Maybe time will pass and she will get over you or she and her boyfriend might split and she will come out of her shell and flirt like crazy with you. To answer you question though, yes a girl can like a guy and have a boyfriend at the same time. I'm the same way I love my boyfriend, but every once in a while there will be a guy that catches my eye, I always let it pass because I'm happy with who I'm with now and if I ever cheated I would feel so guilty for the rest of my life. Another tip, if you really want to know pull her aside away from her friends and your friend that way you can ask her what's up and not have to worry about any lies or rumors being created on the spot because of people listening in. Then you will get the truth. Most importantly DO NOT LET HER CHEAT ON HER Boyfriend WITH YOU. If her boyfriend ever found out he would hate you, his friends would hate you, and you would be labeled.

    Hope this helps,

    Love Lynne

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      Im not looking 2 mow some guys grass she's just trying 2 make me jealous my friends even say she is she's showing me that shed go out with me its just I don't apprach her and those guys do.

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      Simple answer: talk to her!!!!!!