Girls, stubble beard vs clean shaven ?

what do you prefer to look at ? I know a stubble beard is scratchy and annoying when kissing, but what do you think look sexier, stubble or clean shaven ? how much stubble is enough (if you have pics, it would be great :))


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  • Stubble is better to look at, but clean-shaven feels better to touch, so you're right on.

    Keith urban's super sexy light stubble: link

    Here he is clean-shaven...not as good! link

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      Girls should I shave my mushtache and french beard or keep it??..When do I look good? Please sugest?

      if you need I will upload more of my pic's... I have one photo... uploaded my profile ' mail me back to am 23 now.. generally how do you like guys to be..? do you like mush or goatee or beard etc>>? -