My brand new boyfriend went skinny dipping/hot tub with friend and girls?


I have a boyfriend since 3 months, but he likes me for over a year. I needed a bit convincing, because I wasn't sure if I wanted a relationship and I didn't want to get hurt. Because this is one of the sweetest guys I met, I decided to get exclusive after a while. A bit later I told him I was in love with him in a text message when he was on a guy-weekend and he responded he was really happy.

A day later I heard from a mutual guy friend they met up with a group of people they knew. All his single friend and he, plus two girls of the other group (that existed of guys and girls) had a skinny dip sesh in the lake, and later went to the sauna. He ended up with his best friend in a bathtube, naked. Not even his own house but the house of the other group. They both had a girl on their lap, and sat like that for a long time. They were holding each other because it was a tight fit, but he told me when she tried to kiss him he told her he had a boyfriend. He left the bath when the other couple took it to second base and went to the shower, naked as well.

For me he crossed the line when he went up with the single guys and the girls instead of staying downstairs with his other friends. Later he crossed another line by having a girl on his lap in a bath while being naked and holding on to each other.

Allthough he was really upset afterward and told me he wanted to tell me anyway (even though our mutual guy friend told me first) he told me nothing happened and he's very sorry. So I kind of forgave him.

He told me he thinks I'm really hot, she's not. He didn't like her or wanted to make out with her and he's really really in love with me (which I kinda believe since he tried so hard convincing me to date him). So it doesn't make sense to me at all. Why did he do it? Can I ever trust him again, since stuff like this happened when he's into me and thinks that girl isn't even hot?

Oh I forgot. His best friend is a girl he used to date and have a crush on. Now all of a sudden she wants him, but he's still very close to her. Should I worry about that too?
* he told her he had a girlfriend. My mistake.


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  • 1st thing...its never a good idea to say "i love you" for the first time through a text msg. maybe you were just overcome by emotion and couldn't hold it in any more. this is something that should be said face to face. additionally, only a coward breaks up with you over the phone or using a text msg.

    he might like you, but he doesn't respect you. or else he would not have put himself in that situation to begin with. a person in love with someone does not get naked and into a hot tub with someone else. I can see maybe...MAYBE a spur of the moment...hey! lets all get naked and into the lake!" skinny dip. but taking time, making a decision to get naked in a hot tub later on? and worse, have the girl on his lap? what if the tables were turned around, what would be going through YOUR head if you were the one who decided you were gonna take off all your clothes and sit on some dude's lap in a hot tub? what do you think could possibly happen? could you assume that maybe the guy that you're sitting on is gonna get turned on? maybe he's gonna put a move on you. then what? there's no way that you could get mad at him because nobody would blame him for thinking you were interested! could you honestly say that you were just wanting to talk and were shocked that he tried kissing, grabbing, or feeling you up? oh yeah, it was a tight fit, so his hands were already all over you.

    hmmm...sounds bad. there's no other way to put it gently or be subtle about this. if you really really like this guy? you've got a few things you need to think about.